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  1. I’ve been told twice to check back in 2 weeks. On Feb 5... and today 🥲
  2. Unfortunately everyone has great references and I’d say the majority will have a very strong PS. Realistically You’re going to have to get that LSAT score up to counter your low GPA. (Speaking as a mature applicant with a low GPA!)
  3. My file was finally updated! Sometime between when I checked around 11 AM EST and 2:30 EST.
  4. rebeccamtl


    U of T, McGill, Osgoode, Western, Queens, Ottawa, UNB, TRU and UBC! I’m also a mature student!
  5. rebeccamtl


    This is by no means hard data confirming they care about cgpa, but I haven’t been offered admission with a ~3.7-3.8 B20 and a 168– my cgpa is 2.88. I can’t say for sure they didn’t hate my interview or personal statement though lol
  6. Does this mean anyone who is currently stuck in “complete” will be reviewed next week and changed to “decision pending”?
  7. yeah it’s become damaging. to my whole self
  8. Did everyone get this? From the TRU Future Students Office?
  9. Do you know around what time it changed? Wondering if they do it manually throughout the day or all at once at the end of the day.
  10. Do ECs you are passionate about. Life is too short to just try to fill your resume. Law schools care that you are a well-rounded person, with interests and hobbies, not a KJD robot.
  11. This is very interesting to me because it makes me ask: “where will I be able to do my best?” Environment can mean a lot to a student. As someone with a family, I think the city we’re in and our quality of life could have an impact on my grades.
  12. Yes and it’s quite literally killing me. I emailed TRU and they basically said there is no timeline and they’ve had more applications this year than ever— and that they can only get through so many per week.
  13. Congrats! Hopefully they finish up everyone’s files this week and we see a wave after the 25th! I think they probably saw around 1000 applications this cycle? I’m still waiting for my grade and LSAT score to be added! I *think* I’ll have a B+ and a 168.
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