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  1. Waitlisted today! Applied Access (mature). 2.88 OLSAS cGPA 168 LSAT Not sure of my L2 by Western's standards, 3.low Declining the waitlist as I'll be attending Ottawa!
  2. I applied across Canada as a mature student (graduated in 2011) with a 2.88 OLSAS cGPA and a 168 LSAT and I got accepted to TRU, Ottawa and got an interview invite to Osgoode (so far). I haven’t heard back from other schools yet (but haven’t been rejected!) but I chose to attend Ottawa as it was my first choice. So it’s definitely possible!! I had solid references and some interesting work experience but nothing remarkable or law related, and no EC’s because I have two small kids. I’m a strong writer and had a good personal statement. Don’t lose hope! Good luck!
  3. Can confirm. I paid my TRU deposit in March and then a few days later miraculously heard from Ottawa. All I did was email TRU about passing on my acceptance and shed a tear for my $500.
  4. To be fair, I was rejected from Ryerson and got an acceptance from Ottawa and an interview invite from Osgoode 🤷🏼‍♀️.
  5. You absolutely could have applied discretionary category. I am a mature student and I know of 2 others, we all applied discretionary. From their website: “A limited number of positions in first year law are available for discretionary applicants. The Discretionary Category is for applicants who may have relevant achievements and experiences, but because of special factors in life, may not satisfy one or more of the requirements for General applicants. The Admissions Committee has the discretion to respond to such circumstances by taking into account factors such as disability or special needs, financial disadvantage, age (generally for applicants over 30 years of age), membership in a historically disadvantaged group, and any other factors that the applicant wishes the Committee to consider. These factors will be considered in the context of the applicant's other achievements, work experiences, volunteer work, and community involvement.
  6. For what it’s worth I spoke to a law prof at Osgoode who used to be on the admissions committee and he told me flat out they absolutely do not care what school you went to for undergrad. None of them do. Period.
  7. I think it’s that they are taking an extremely holistic approach. Doesn’t seem stats based at all. I guess they are looking at having a very specific class profile!
  8. Based on this cycle, there is absolutely no way to predict a Ryerson acceptance/rejection, unfortunately!
  9. Haha I get that. I'm from Montreal. You can literally have a 1.5 million dollar house and a dilapidated apartment building on the same block here. I'd still take Ottawa over anywhere in Toronto to be honest, if I'm thinking long term
  10. This is a good point and definitely factored in. Being in a nice, safe, clean area is important with little kids. Ottawa certainly provides all of that (being from Montreal, I'm always astonished at how clean Ottawa is haha)
  11. No she is a mature applicant!
  12. I think that a lot of people in QC just aren't on LS. An acquaintance of mine got accepted to McGill Law yesterday (I found out on Facebook) so they are definitely still trickling out acceptances! I would also venture to guess that because of the competitiveness of this cycle, and some people's hesitancy to start school in the US this year (maybe?), there have been more acceptances of first round offers?
  13. Thank you! This is very helpful. I definitely think Ottawa is an amazing school and it's always been my first choice. I was beyond thrilled to get an acceptance. I think this whole process is just making me crazy!
  14. Fair enough, but I'm sort of in the midst of moving to Ottawa for May 1 so I would need to know if it's even worth it to keep the Osgoode option open or if I should just move forward with my current plans. Things get a lot more complicated when you have a family!
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