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  1. Got an offer this afternoon. TRU seems like an awesome school. I am so excited to meet new people and expand my mind. I am very grateful to TRU for offering me this opportunity. GPA Grade Range from Application Assessment: A+ LSAT: 163, 86th percentile. Regular applicant EC's: Worked in an MLA's Office for 8 months, interned for a provincial Minister of Education, tons of volunteering for a provincial political party, did an honours thesis during my degree, and worked as a policy researcher in the US. Good luck to everyone and never give up! I've seen users in other spaces of this forum who like to make others feel insecure, don't let them deter you!
  2. That's good to hear! Thanks for letting this forum know.
  3. I hope they send them out this month. Not knowing is killing me lol.
  4. When I review my application, there is a letter grade in brackets next to the name of the institution that the transcript is from. Does anyone know what this letter grade means? Thank you in advance for any input.
  5. same thing happened to me. Might as well just fire off a friendly reminder.
  6. Same thing happened to me. Got an email saying that half of my personal statement was cut off and they wanted another copy.
  7. Hi everyone, I am confused as to how I would send a reference to an Ontario based law school. Would the referee send the reference to each individual school I intend to apply to? Or would they send it to OUAC? Thank you
  8. @MusashiThey will show up as W's (withdraw) on the transcript unfortunately.
  9. I finished my undergraduate degree, and then decided to take some online courses through the online school Athabasca, mainly because I missed learning. I ended up with drawing from most of them because of work demands. Does anyone have an idea of how these Athabasca courses would impact how my application would be considered by a school? For context, I got two A's, and withdrew from 5 other classes at Athabasca. All input is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi! I need some advice. Could I realistically expect to get into any Canadian Law School? I've done two decent government internships and did an Honours Thesis in my undergrad. No idea if that helps or not. What do y'all think?
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