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  1. Waitlisted this morning. cGPA (OLSAS): 2.98 B20: 3.68 LSAT: 155 (only write) Decent ECs/LORs/PS/Interview
  2. Since so many people heard back from Ryerson this morning, I'm wondering if anyone else is still waiting to hear back as well? I wrote my only LSAT in January and I'm trying to predict whether that's the reason for the delay or if there's hope for me yet
  3. Click the link on this post and it'll direct you to the website!
  4. Have you joined the discord for Ryerson law students/applicants? Current students have mentioned how they felt they did on the interview, some of them even categorized their interview performance as "not sure why they let me in", gave me reassurance after mine lol. Overall I think it's important to remember the interview is only one component and no one knows how it's weighted, don't be too hard on yourself!
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