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  1. I was in a similar situation having been doing a BBA at NAIT which I would think is pretty comparable to BCIT. I reached out to UBC, U of A, UVic and TRU, and the program was accepted at all four. I've been accepted to UVic without having to complete the program, and UBC had told me that I would have to finish the degree prior to applying. Hope this helps!
  2. Got the call this morning. Updated my fall grades in mid December, submitted application late September. LSAT 170 and 3.8ish/4.3 GPA. Application went Law Hold sometime in October, Application Under Review in December and stayed there until after I got the call today. Very excited, best of luck to those waiting!
  3. I also got the early admission email. They would have my current transcript and like a few of you my transcript won't be updated for a couple weeks until final marks come in. Should I just send them a copy of it anyways?
  4. Hey I was looking to see what you guys think my chances are for UVIC, UBC and U of A, my first choice is UVIC. I am a mature student currently entering 4th year, and because of my financial situation I attend classes part time while working full time so I will not be completed my undergraduate in this cycle. I will be 8 classes short of completion by the end of this semester. I also previously attended a university when I was younger, and dropped out after my first year with a 2.2 GPA. I now attend a technical school, and my GPA is a 4/4.3 through the first 3 years. I have reached out to all of these schools and my program is accepted for admission. My only concern is that because I won't be completed my degree it will hurt my chances, and I would prefer to save a year of tuition. I understand that only 3 years is required for admission to these schools, but is that generally only for exceptional cases? Thanks for any feedback!
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