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  1. Hey I was looking to see what you guys think my chances are for UVIC, UBC and U of A, my first choice is UVIC. I am a mature student currently entering 4th year, and because of my financial situation I attend classes part time while working full time so I will not be completed my undergraduate in this cycle. I will be 8 classes short of completion by the end of this semester. I also previously attended a university when I was younger, and dropped out after my first year with a 2.2 GPA. I now attend a technical school, and my GPA is a 4/4.3 through the first 3 years. I have reached out to all of these schools and my program is accepted for admission. My only concern is that because I won't be completed my degree it will hurt my chances, and I would prefer to save a year of tuition. I understand that only 3 years is required for admission to these schools, but is that generally only for exceptional cases? Thanks for any feedback!
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