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  1. @Hegdis Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll check it out
  2. Do any of the more experienced users here- or anyone really-have any recommendations for good books I can read before 1L? I’m open to anything! I want to improve my preparedness and get the right mentality down before I start. Thanks!
  3. You don’t need a tutor if you are self motivated. How have you been studying? I recommend getting a 7sage subscription and taking your time to go through their curriculum, and really focus on getting a strong grasp of the fundamentals. The drills they have for conditional logic for example, were incredibly useful for logic games. I would urge you to get out of the mindset of “access could save my low score”. Maybe it could, but there are many access applicants applying with strong LSAT scores. I believe Western’s access median LSAT is a point lower than their general median. Put in the time on 7sage, be methodical and drill the ever living shit out of problem sets and practice tests. Take your practice tests, and scrutinize your mistakes and force yourself to understand why you made them. This is all coming from a guy who had little natural skill at this test and was able to get an acceptable score just by virtue of a ton of practice. I’d also like to add that this process could take a while. If you aren’t ready by January just keep at it until you’re ready. If you have to apply for a later cycle than so be it. If you have any questions hit me up!
  4. I have had what @PlayALawyerOnTV said confirmed by a couple of schools.
  5. @Luckycharm I’m not sure what my B2 would be but I imagine around 3.88. Ottawa is my number one choice so... no need to rewrite??
  6. So I applied to Queen’s, Western, Windsor, Ottawa, Ryerson, Lakehead and UNB. I applied access due to illness that affected me throughout undergrad. Important to note that I took 5 years to complete my undergrad because of said illness. Possibly relevant factor: Bilingual (French) My softs aren’t great because I was really struggling during my studies just to hang in there. I was PTing around 160 and this is my second take. What do you all think? Keep studying and rewrite or will I be alright?
  7. Thanks @Sponge and @Isla Could either of you speak to how french second language students fair in the common law français program or the PDC program? I have a fairly good level of french (probably C1 level or close) but I wonder whether this is sufficient to succeed in the program. I know a francophone in one of those programs who is having a hard time, so I’m very curious to get your perspectives on this. Thank you
  8. @Sponge I sent them a complaint but highly doubt they’ll fix that. I’ll look for a synonym I guess... Would you know by chance if the 20 students admitted to the PDC program count towards the total admitted to the Common law français program? I believe I heard that somewhere but I’m not certain how that works. Thanks!
  9. @canuckfanatic It’s automated and done through a third party.
  10. Hi/bonjour, To anyone applying to the common law français program, have you been having difficulty with accents registering in OLSAS? For some reason, OLSAS decided that they are cool with every accent except the ligature (œ) accent. I have half a mind to just type out "oe" instead and submit this application, but on the other hand I want this application to be free of faults. Merci de l'aide.
  11. Typo on PS= bad. You had all the time you needed to proofread. Typo on LSAT writing= understandable. You had 30 minutes to write that up. I can't see that being a decisive factor in admissiom whatsoever. There's far too many other components that hold considerably more weight: LSAT, GPA, LORs and PS. It would be silly to reject an otherwise competitive candidate for something so negligible. Especially if your writing sample showed that you can write coherently, a fews typos is nothing to sweat.
  12. I'll be the young, naive one in the thread. One of my primary motivations for getting a JD is to get into politics. Of course this isn't a particular field of law, nor is a JD a prerequisite for politics, but it certainly helps. This is why I'm aiming for Ottawa U and have been learning french over the past several years. I've got a bone to pick with how our government has been handling the climate crisis and I have proposals that I think could make a difference.
  13. Not knowing my Nov LSAT score is eating me alive. I also cannot find the motivation to study right now and I don't start a new job until next month, so I've been obsessing at unprecedented levels. I tried picking up a new hobby but I really need something more to take my mind off of this.
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