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  1. Accepted today!!! Been waiting for this moment for years. Almost gave up. Almost dropped out of undergrad, but I hung in there and here we are!!! OLSAS cgpa: 3.7 LSAT: 154, 158 (nov) Applied access due to substantial health problems during undergrad. ECs: Nothing crazy but I explained that this was due largely to my health struggles. Also fully bilingual so maybe that helped. Redemption has been earned. Will be accepting.
  2. We could always combine our stats together and then they’d have to accept us with a 316 LSAT and 7.0 cgpa! We’ll alternate days we attend classes and split the workload. It’s brilliant. Let me know what you think!
  3. Waitlisted today! Hey it’s not a no! OLSAS cGPA: 3.7 LSAT: 158 Ecs: Nothing crazy. Essay responses were fairly closely aligned with Windsor values imo. Anyone have any clue if I have a good chance of getting in if I’m waitlisted at this stage in the cycle?
  4. https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/66497-small-fish-big-pond“bigger”-fish-small-pond/ I started a thread about this topic not long ago. Maybe you can find some useful information in there.
  5. I think my opinion is based on the opposite of a notion of exceptionalism. I even stated that I think most average 0Ls could succeed on the LSAT-with a few qualifications. I’ll clarify my point about current resources being better. I don’t mean to offend anyone here who took this test previously. There’s a video library of virtually every single LSAT question available on 7Sage. Maybe you could dig up answers on a forum back then, but I doubt the ease of access is matched-7Sage has everything in one place. What if you were more of an audio/visual learner? Maybe you could have attended a class, or been tutored, but these options are expensive and not available to everyone. You can engage in this kind of learning on 7Sage and it’s relatively cheap. Need motivation? Someone to study with for help with a certain concept, or maybe to commiserate a bit with? That forum has a ton of kind people eager to help one another. Struggling with a certain question type? Flag them as you go, come back later, and create problem set after problem set with a few clicks. I’m sure you could emulate this with paper tests, but it’s just one more barrier. I’m sure I could go on but at this point I probably seem like I’m getting paid by J.Y to promote his business. Edit: Creating problem sets to drill weaknesses would have certainly been more difficult, and this is one of the most powerful ways to improve. 7Sage has each question type labelled to facilitate creating the sets. Each question is always ranked in terms of difficulty so you target based on type and/or difficulty. Edit #2: I didn’t even mention the numerous podcasts available, or even the entire LSAT Demon platform, where they use AI to gauge your weaknesses.
  6. Hey OP, most LSAT prep companies advertise that their students see increases of 10/11 points. I could see why someone might question this given they have a vested interest in your dollars, to me however, this seems pretty reasonable. This seems especially so when you consider the learnability of logic games. It’s common for people to get rocked by that section on the diagnostic and improve quickly at it through repetition. To the evidence stated previously in the thread citing that retakes on average yield a 2-3 point increase I take some issue with this. This data is 10 years old and I think current resources for prep are quite frankly better, ie: 7sage. Yes. I seriously think this platform is a league above what students a decade ago would have had at their disposal studying material wise. Also, how many students take the LSAT unprepared or having studied ineffectively? Too damn many. How many then retake it having not substantially improved their study methods? I would venture that plenty do. Additionally, you can retake this exam more than once. I doubt most schools really care if you get a good score on your fourth take versus your 2nd, at least not to a point where it will any great impediment to your admission. So in sum, I do believe that if you’re even an average 0L with the right resources, study methods and determination that you can improve substantially on this test. All this being said. From 142 to 170+ is incredibly unlikely-I don’t care who your tutor is. But I wouldn’t put it past you to score somewhere in the mid to high 150s with that score. You might even be able to break 160. Best of luck to you!
  7. Thanks for the response I’m going to keep reading it and keep it handy during 1L!
  8. While we’re on this topic can anyone comment on the merits of reading Getting to Maybe? I’ve started reading it because I felt like I should be doing... something. It’s interesting and I’m actually enjoying reading it quite a bit. Is there anyone here who read it before 1L? Did it help at all?
  9. Tu n’as pas besoin de passer le LSAT ni pour le programme de common law français ni pour le PDC. Le fait de ne pas avoir passé le LSAT ne va pas nuire à votre chance. Tes notes sont superbes, en plus tu étudies dans un programme STEM alors cela t’aidera j’imagine; les facultés de droit aiment avoir de la diversité.
  10. I know you’re being sarcastic but after seeing a bit of what the law school admissions game down south looks like, what you’ve said here isn’t really hyperbole.
  11. FWIW I just attended the Ryerson welcome day and they seemed VERY adamant on being in person. They claimed to be planning as though they will indeed be in person.
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