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  1. Same for me, I just checked this morning and it changed from "unnumbered waitlist" to "refused" this morning (Sept 11/20).
  2. Mine now says the same thing on the portal. I'm guessing as school has begun, it is because our application is no longer active and therefore there is no more decision for them to advise you on. Applications open again October 1, 2020, so I expect our logins will expire soon as well.
  3. Not sure if I feel more anxious or less now lol.
  4. Amazing, congrats to you! Did you get a call? Or email?
  5. That's really great to hear. Thank you for sharing . Can I ask you if you utilized any of the cultural clubs/alliance groups or anything like that at UBC? Totally fine if you don't want to share that info if you have. I'm just generally curious.
  6. I would agree with you. Seeing a lot of the other schools accepting people off the waitlists in waves in the last 2 weeks is promising, if any comfort can be found right now lol. Best wishes to everyone who is waiting for acceptances!
  7. Again, my question was directed to those with experience at UBC Law, who are Black or are a minority...I won't be responding to @meandtheboys @CleanHands. This vastly misses the mark for me. @Tagger this is exactly why I asked the question I did...to hear about minority & Black experiences at UBC Law.
  8. I've just read an article that UBC has only 4 Black law students out of 600 total (for all years). I understand some students do not self-identify and that 4 may not be an accurate number, but are there any Black prospective law students out there who have an opinion on this? Or anyone who has experience at UBC as a Black student? Or about how minorities are treated at UBC? I would love to know more about your experiences or thoughts. Here is the article below for anyone interested: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/ubc-black-lsat-prep-1.5695081
  9. I got this letter on RAMSS yesterday: We are writing to inform you that the Juris Doctor - Law program is now filled for the academic year commencing Fall 2020. If you are interested in applying for fall 2021 admission, please note that the Ontario Law School Application Service (OLSAS) will open in late-August 2020. We would be pleased to receive an application from you. We would like to thank you for your interest in this program and wish you success in your future endeavours. Faculty of Law Admissions
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