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  1. Accepted today! email offer and an update in the portal. GPA: Not sure how drops work but probably 82-83 percent? LSAT: 171
  2. Got an email this afternoon saying that my status had changed, and then I saw my offer was in the portal! Alberta student. LSAT: 171 GPA: around 3.75. Not sure if I'll accept but very excited! Can't wait for everyone else to get theirs.
  3. As posted by erinl2 in a U of T thread: "...The reality is that most applicants will not be receiving an offer until well into 2021. There is no guarantee that you will receive an offer in the very early, and very small, round, regardless of your stats. If you are already frustrated and stressed by the admissions process on 12/14, you really need to take a break from ls.ca and enjoy the holiday season. Be happy that you are likely not an applicant who may be waiting until summer 2021 to know where they will/might be going to law school." I am guilty of probably checking this website too much especially now that I'm almost done finals but I plan to take (and hope everyone takes) lots and lots of time away until I start actually hearing from other schools. The speculation on here is wild and not good for anyone I don't think. Glad you raised this, and I wish everyone good luck and good health in 2021!!
  4. Accepted! In my fourth year. cGPA: 3.75 LSAT:171
  5. I got the email today. 1. I am from Alberta, and in the final year of my undergrad here as well. 2. I have only done the bare minimum of the application itself, and i did so on the last day. No transcripts sent in except for the unofficial one that I sent in today. For reference, my L2 is like 3.75-3.8 and my LSAT is a 171. Good Luck!!
  6. 3.73 is olsas using the calculator posted by Ryn on this website, GPA is calculated on my own transcript is negligibly higher (i think like 3.76) and I took the July flex.
  7. Stats in title, solid but average softs. I think I'm a bit of a splitter as far as U of T is concerned. Can I get in with my GPA or should I focus on applying elsewhere? Thanks!
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