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  1. I'm not really sure about your stats, but I remember reading somewhere on this forum that the accuracy of the predictor would go down the more drastic the "split" is, since there are a lot fewer people with extreme discrepancies and therefore less data.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I also want to say that I hope I didn't come across as arrogant, and I understand that I haven't actually written the LSAT yet. I'm just going off of whatever information I have, and I know that practice tests will never be the same as the real thing.
  3. Thanks for the response! I figured that might be the case, just thought I'd ask. And yes of course everything is currently hypothetical, so I know that everything could easily change.
  4. Hi! I'm about to start my fourth year of undergrad, and have recently began studying for the LSAT, which I will be writing in October. I know that my GPA is rather low at 3.29 (not sure about B2 or L2, but it likely won't be drastically better), however I have done several full timed LSAT Practice Tests, and am consistently scoring in the 170's. My first diagnostic test with little to no studying was a 173. My question is, what would my chances be at some of the top Ontario schools, like Osgoode or U of T? And what LSAT would I need to aim for?
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