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  1. Got the call today! 3.4ish/4.33 cGPA after drops, 175 LSAT Self calculated index 920 In my fourth year, so thought they’d be waiting for my fall grades but I guess not!!
  2. Just got the email! GPA: 77.4 (3.30/4.33) LSAT: 175 Self calculated Index: 92.08 Applied Nov. 5th!!
  3. Yes, per OLSAS. Unfortunately no real reason for the gpa.
  4. I've asked this in other threads so I apologize if this seems repetitive, but was looking for some Osgoode specific advice since it's my top choice! Stats are in the title, not a ton of work experience, but decent ECs. Have any splitters been admitted with similar stats? Thanks!
  5. I also applied exactly on Nov. 5, lol! Exact same thing for me, (I can even see that they've viewed the secure transcript that my school emailed them, and my LSAT report was just sent to them on the 20th) I assume we'll get an email with a status checker over the next week or so!
  6. Ok lol... I know a 920 would give me a good chance, but I'm still going to keep checking my account. My index is self calculated so its not 100%, and either way I would still want to know what stage my application is at!
  7. That would probably make sense! I submitted Nov. 4, so not super recently – but still could mean they are about to start looking at it I guess.
  8. Mine just changed to "App Forwarded for Review", and I'm in 4th year still. Anyone know what that might mean? (My admissions index self calculated with drops is ~920)
  9. I’m aware that you’re also a 4th year, that’s why I replied. I was just trying to say you should relax, they’ll get to everyone’s application soon.
  10. I submitted Nov. 4 and haven't had a change. I know you submitted almost a month before me, but I'm also still in my 4th year undergrad. I'm sure they will process them at some point, likely before our fall grades are in too.
  11. I actually improved my actual lsat by 2 or 3 points higher than the very top of my PT range... by not studying at all the two days before the test. Exercise, relax, eat well. That's my advice. (I realize it's the end of the day now, so get some sleep too)
  12. Yeah no idea haha. My application for Windsor says "Complete", so maybe this is only a problem with Ottawa.
  13. Yup seems like everybody is missing LOR and verifiers lol
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