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  1. That completely makes sense! Thanks for clarifying that and I’ll definitely be sure to try and score the 166 for the October LSAT. Thank you!!
  2. Thank you so much! This definitely makes me feel better because I was panicking after receiving my score since I didn’t think I’d get in. I really appreciate this!
  3. Thank you so much! That totally makes sense. I am just wondering though because I know I can talk about things in my personal statement and they do consider that more now as well, do you think I'd still have a shot potentially?
  4. Hey everyone! I just wanted to come on here and ask about what my chances of admission realistically are. I'm going into my fourth year of business at the University of Alberta and my LSAT score is 163 (planning to write again in October), my cGPA as of right now (with drops, not confirmed) is 84.10% (3.92/4.33) and I have quite a few softs/EC (lots of debate, case competitions, TA for a first-year Business Class, volunteered at Elizabeth Fry, executive of multiple clubs, etc). UBC is my dream school and while I do plan to re-do my LSAT since it's lower than the median grade, I just wanted to check and see if my chances of admission are out the window without a higher LSAT score or if I might still have a chance even with the 163. Thank you all so much!!
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