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  1. For those of you who have already gotten in, were there any updates on your portal? Did it change from "ready to review" to anything else? Just trying to understand whether or not they will be updating or if I shouldn't expect any changes.
  2. Okay this is insane...I can't believe we have to wait till March maybe. This is no fun. Also, depending on how late it is, some offers might expire before then :(.
  3. Got the call yesterday!! I'm not entirely sure what my GPA was (I believe it was a 3.9 or so) and my LSAT score is a 166!
  4. Hey everyone! I'm assuming no one has really heard anything from UBC since last year, but does anyone have any guesses for when they'll start doing admissions again? My file has said "file complete - awaiting evaluation" since Dec. 1, 2020. I know last year they started pretty early in January, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any predictions for when to expect to hear something. Additionally, have any of your statuses changed recently/since you submitted your application? Thank you so much!
  5. Accepted via OASIS yesterday, got the email this morning! cGPA: 3.69 LSAT: 166 I had quite a few extracurriculars and filled out Part B for EDI!
  6. I seriously just want to know because the waiting is making me nauseous LOL
  7. Okay that makes sense! Idk why they are giving us this unnecessary anxiety Thank you though!
  8. Hey all! So my application status had been "law-hold" for a really long time, and I thought it was because they wanted my Fall 2020 marks (since I am in my 4th year). However, today my status changed to "application under review" and I wanted to check and see if anyone had any similar experiences. I'm confused because my Fall 2020 marks haven't been released yet and I haven't rewritten the LSAT since I applied either. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad sign!
  9. Oh that’s great! Thank you so much. How do you go about doing it if you have an A-? I’m just unsure of how they calculate that 😕
  10. That’s good to hear! Thank you so much maybe we’ll end up being classmates hahah! I wish you all the best with your apps 😌
  11. I actually am not sure what my OLSAS GPA is...I got confused and didn’t end up doing it 😰
  12. I applied as well and did not receive an interview. I'd also really like to know what their criteria for deciding was because I have quite a few extracurriculars and had some pretty solid references (I thought so at least). Granted this is an extremely competitive scholarship so I'm sure something must have been missing in my application, but I'd love to know more about what their selection process was like!
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