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  1. I think at this point, it’s probably a waitlist unfortunately because they will be sending out the updates for that this month/next :(. I am not 100% sure though so you can ask admissions and just bluff and say you have other offers expiring and are hoping to attend UBC, so you wanted an update. Good luck!
  2. Yea if you’re completing your degree (undergrad only I think) they won’t look at your last semester. Essentially if you’re still in school rn it doesn’t rlly matter how u do.
  3. Okay that’s what I’m thinking too and I am SAD :(. It’s been soooo slow this year which I understand but it’s so incredibly frustrating. I also hope we hear back before June but at this point it seems unlikely unfortunately...
  4. When do you all think they’ll let people off the waitlist? There must’ve been some offers that expired recently right? Also, at what point do you wait to get off the waitlist before just sticking with the choice you’ve already made? All of this is going to take 10 years off my life :(.
  5. Don’t even worry! This was me too - I didn’t understand many of the questions and was super nervous. Wishing you all the best though
  6. I got asked questions about why McGill, my volunteer experience, my interactions with professors, and French background. Good luck
  7. Thank you!! I'm stoked honestly. Don't get me wrong, I love Edmonton and it'll always be home, but I kind of want to get out of here for a bit!
  8. I declined because I’m a native Edmontonian and wanted a change of scenery (accepted UVic). Also, I would like to practice in BC, so it didn’t make sense to move to stay in YEG. Mostly though, it was just to get out and explore a little bit, especially because I can always come back :).
  9. Woah that's so many! I did not expect that. And also same I really would like this whole ordeal to be over soon!!!!
  10. Congratulations!! Stoked to see you there next year
  11. Okay good point...I don’t even really know how they do it anymore so I guess we just have to wait and see!
  12. No worries!! I’m going to Uvic so it’s all good . As an Alberta student, I don’t really get much French practice, and I really did not understand 2 of the questions because of the language and they refused to reword the question so I could understand. Honestly it was a bit disheartening because the interviewer was kind of rude and really made me feel extremely stupid. I had a pretty negative experience with it and it really turned me off to the idea of attending. That was just my experience, but I know it’s a great school and I hope you get in!!
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