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  1. Okay you made me curious so I found this. Looks like you have nothing to worry about
  2. I am in a similar position as you. I know Western places greater emphasis on 3rd and 4th year courses but they do not look negatively otherwise. Perhaps if it was between you and one other person they would favor the person who had more higher level courses, but I would assume as long as your GPA is above the average you will be fine. Also, I know a handful of people who got accepted to Osgoode in their third year, meaning they only had 1st and 2nd year courses on their transcript. I am curious if anyone else has a different experience though
  3. anyone else's heart drop lol??
  4. yes! your last 20 courses taken no matter what
  5. How will my GPA for my “Last 2” years be assessed? We define your last 2 years of university as your last 20 semestered courses for which you were assigned grades. (One year-long course counts as 2 semestered courses.) Summer terms are included. However, courses for which you received a Pass or Credit are not included, and we will not break up semesters. This means that if you did not take 5 courses per semester in your last 4 semesters of university, your “Last 2” may include academic terms that precede your third year of study (depending on your timeline and whether you were full- or part-time). Here it makes clear that they will go into previous years if you did not do a full course load
  6. Western calculates your L2 based on your last 20 courses regardless of how many courses you have taken per a semester, which is why they also include the summer term (unlike queens)
  7. In queue as of this morning LSAT: 164 GPA/L2: 3.71
  8. I am assuming having a CGPA above 3.0 is a huge factor, but again Western is an L2 school. At the end of the day it is all predictions, I wouldn't take it too seriously. You have a great LSAT score so I am sure you have a great shot.
  9. Okay sorry so just to clarify, if you did not take full semesters it does not matter but they will just dip into previous terms? I did not take full course loads since I spread mine out throughout the summer term. What would happen in this case?
  10. I am 99% sure they go with the highest one in that case. No worries, I am on the same boat..:)
  11. I would say very low - probably 10% chance but @LuckyCharm may have a better idea. Or use lawapplicants.ca You may have other factors though that may help your chances, so try not to get too in your head! Good luck
  12. They take your last 20 semestered courses regardless... so the amount of courses you took during each term doesnt matter for Western, I had a similar concern. You should be fine
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