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  1. Same. I got my acceptance at Lakehead back in February but still haven't heard from any of my other schools (Ottawa, Queens, Western, Windsor, Osgoode). 3.1 CGPA, 3.2 L2 170 LSAT
  2. I'm a firm believer that with a proper plan of attack, rest, and decent reading speed, you can get a 180 on the LSAT. My initial diagnostic test was a 148 - I ended up taking the LSAT 4 times afterwards. I didn't have any study plan for my first 2 LSATs (I was inconsistent, sat down saying I'd study for the next 3 hours, but then between scrolling on Instagram and watching YouTube videos, I would get maybe 30 minutes of honest studying done. I scored 156 and 159 respectively.) That said, for my third and fourth LSATs, I took the time to sit down and identify all of my weaknesses (mental stamina, question types, weird logic games, etc.) and work on those weaknesses. My third LSAT I ended up scoring 160, and 2 months later I scored a 170. From my PTs prior to the actual LSAT, I knew that my weakest point was the Reading Comprehension section. I simply could not get read all four passages in the section with good comprehension (I tried reading books on speed reading, etc. but that didn't work. I'm pretty sure reading skills are slowly built through constant and gradual activity.) My reading skills have always been poor, and I have pretty bad memory. Therefore, I just aimed to score perfect on all the sections and the 3/4 passages in the RC section that I could actually get through. I ended up achieving that, but my reading speed prevented me from the 180 - I simply could not magically increase my reading speed + comprehension in 2 months (what makes it worse is that the final passage was worth 8 questions in the January LSAT LOL.) Anyways, the point of this is you can definitely do it. HOWEVER, do not underestimate reading speed (I believe this is the key to achieving a 180. If you are not already a decently fast reader WITH comprehension, a 180 is nearly impossible.) The entire test is just like a puzzle with predetermined patterns. Find those patterns, some will be harder than others - but that's your job to identify which ones are hard for you, and train your brain to dismantle them. If you have any questions shoot me a message, I'm glad to give you insight on what worked for me. P.S. Do not underestimate mental stamina and your mental state. Listen to your body when you are studying (I am a naturally anxious person, so I overthink a lot of things. When I began my final attempt at the LSAT, I made sure to take days off when I didn't feel like studying. I also took lots of walks and tried meditating 5mins a day when I wanted. And the week before the LSAT, I didn't do any studying - MAYBE one or two games or a RC passage, if I got super anxious, but I would stop immediately after. I just played video games, watched movies, and played virtual party games with my friends on discord LOL. That helped me keep calm during the actual test when my proctor disconnected, and I encountered one of the most confusing science passages in the RC section. If on the off chance, you're a worry rat like me, just take a breath. The solution to the test is simple if you have a plan - all you have to do is execute.)
  3. Does anybody know when the $500 non-refundable deposit is due if you decide to opt for a provisional acceptance (one would essentially be waiting till July 1st before finalizing the provisional acceptance, but the $500 non-refundable deposit is due June 1st). Do we essentially lose out on $500 if we wait past June during a provisional acceptance?
  4. Does anybody know when we should generally be applying for OSAP and personal bank loans? I still haven't decided on a school so I am worried that if I choose a provisional acceptance and end up getting my ideal school late in the year around July - it will be too late
  5. My status also changed to "Application Incomplete". I wrote both the November and January LSAT. Also, did anyone's "To Do List" section list a future date like this: Law School Admissions Test 11/02/2021 Initiated
  6. I applied to Lakehead, Windsor, Western, Ottawa, Queens, Osgoode, and Saskatchewan! I got an acceptance to Lakehead a week or so earlier based off of my November score (161). Any thoughts on the other schools? CGPA 3.16, L2 3.2, LSAT 156/159/161/170
  7. Just got my January test score back a few days ago. Any thoughts on what my chances are at schools in Ontario? Softs are pretty decent I think (Spent most of my university years volunteering at an NGO in Toronto and also worked as a legislative assistant for an M.P. in Parliament Hill during one of those years)
  8. Got my call earlier this morning. cGPA: 3.16 (OLSAS) L2: 3.2ish LSAT: 156, 159, 161, (January score unreleased)
  9. I sent a transcript request to my University on December 22nd and my transcript is still marked as "Not Received". Did the OP end up having his transcript status change?
  10. Thank you You were able to submit supplemental items and transcript requests only after you submitted the application and paid the $125 fee right? (just making sure I didn't waste $125..)
  11. Hi, I submitted my application and followed all of the above but it still won't give me the option to upload anything. Under Supplemental Items it just states "There are currently no supplemental items associated with this application."
  12. Thanks again! God bless and have a wonderful day
  13. Thank you so much Just a regular old email from my college to the USask admissions council email address would do?
  14. Hi, I was just curious about the application process.. Do we apply via CAS and our documents on LSAC, or is the USask Law application completely independent? I am asking because I'm not exactly sure how and from where we should be submitting our transcripts and LSAT scores (I'm planning on retaking in January) Any help will be appreciated - thanks!
  15. Thanks for the help!I just had one last question. When you said, "You didn't apply to Ryerson ? You may still be on the wait list and may get in after July." Did you mean to suggest that Ottawa keeps their waitlist from the previous cycle?
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