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  1. So not looking good for me hey
  2. No I received an email after asking about my GPA saying decisions by the committee will be made by the end of March but I've heard nothing
  3. I am wondering what it means to have heard nothing at this point, I have seen some people say they probably haven't gotten to every application but there hasn't been much movement on either the acceptance, waitlists or rejection threads. A lot of people expect movement from waitlist to offers after March 31 but what about those of us who haven't heard anything at all? Anyone have any insight?
  4. I hope you are wrong too not going to lie! So I’m wondering why they haven’t rejected and waitlisted more people if they’ve filled most seats yet most people haven’t heard anything...
  5. Same, and when I was directed to the page for accepting my offer I see May 1st as the date. sorry just realized I was looking at undergraduate calendar. It is March 31.
  6. Wondering which of these schools will be best to pursue antitrust law.
  7. Accepted today! Applied indigenous 3.98 L2 GPA (unconfirmed) and 153 LSAT. 3.83 cGPA
  8. I would presume most seats are filled, I think they are evaluating indigenous applicants Friday and I’m not sure what percentage is saved for them.
  9. I hope so. UofA said they will review tomorrow and should hear back around the 16th.
  10. I know UofC is a holistic approach school for applicants, but has anyone heard when the committee will review the indigenous applications as a whole? I know UofA set March 9 and UBC March 12.
  11. So strange... I emailed yesterday about my GPA and they confirmed and said decisions would be made by the committee by the end of March.
  12. Yeah I saw that email from U of A, and UBC one of my reference letters wasn’t submitted until January so my application still wasn’t complete until close to the deadline. Just super nervous.
  13. Has anyone who is still completing their undergrad heard back yet? I am wondering about people who’s file wasn’t complete until January!
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