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  1. I had the same question. I contacted them a couple of weeks ago. You need to use your old account, you can recover/change your login info if you forgot your user/password
  2. That makes complete sense, I'm sure law schools have seen everything so it's not easy to have impressive ECs especially doing "normal" activities that students partake in by the masses. Also I totally get that. Not planning on tacking on a bunch of stuff of last minute, I just wanted to know for the sake of and see how my application might fare against others'. Thank you very much for the response & info, I greatly appreciate it!
  3. I figured thanks so much for your input, I appreciate it!
  4. Sincere apologies if my question has offended you in any way as it has clearly spurred great annoyance. You really didn't have to respond if it was such a hassle. I am new to the forum, not well versed with how this works, and figured it was simply easier to ask the question myself. I hope you have a great day
  5. Mostly Ontario schools like UofT, Osgoode, Ryerson & Western. I recognize these are likely more stats focused schools but i figured it wouldn't hurt to know what good or impressive EC's look like to get an idea of a well rounded application!
  6. I haven't found what I'm looking for. Most I've found are responding to specific situations and circumstances and I'm not sure what to search beyond "best ECs" "ECs", "extra curriculars" etc.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm currently beginning my application and I have been on this forum a lot. I see a lot of comments about people having "decent EC's" or poor ones and they widely vary. I'm just wondering what are actually good EC's that law schools like to see. I've seen many people say being apart of uni clubs and jobs are not decent EC's so I'm wondering what is considered preferred. Thank you!
  8. Thank you so much! Do you think its worth it to write again to increase my chances at UoT?
  9. Hello everyone! just received my Lsat score back and was wondering realistically what my chances are and if I should rewrite in August? I’d love to hear from a bunch of ppl! my gpa is 3.9 and my Lsat is 164. I’m looking at osgoode, UOT, and Ryerson!
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