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  1. Hi folks, basically the title. I've heard around that Indigenous applications aren't looked at until March-ish in some schools. Wondering if anyone knows, or has already asked schools' admission teams, about timelines for Indigenous applications. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, all I did was input my LSAC number and test dates into OLSAS... I thought that's all the applicant had to do? There's more?
  3. I took October and was scheduled for November. However, school got crazy and I definitely did not want to sacrifice my GPA, nor did I have time to study again for LSAT. So, I rescheduled for January. It's up to you based on your own individual situation, though. If you think you can do better, it may be worth rescheduling.
  4. "Applicant Cancelled - Applicant withdrew application prior to admission decisionApp Forwarded for Review - This stage may take several monthsAdditional item(s) required - See Requirements checklist for missing items.Law - Hold - Your application has been evaluated and a final decision is pending. This stage may take several months.Law Conditional Offer Accepted - See your offer letter for the conditions that must be met.Law - to Committee for review - This stage may take several months.Decision Pending - Your application has been reviewed but a final decision has not been made." This is the one I've been seeing floating around, I think it might be from UVIC as it gives no indicated of good nor bad.
  5. (Haven't seen a relevant thread on this in awhile so reviving this one haha) Interesting, I went to "Law - Hold" today and it also says they retrieved my LSAT score today as well. Did they actually already evaluate my app? I did submit like Sept 3 or something, Indigenous category. Still in my last year, and told them I'm also taking January test. Now the wait...
  6. Oh another side note: did you send official transcript or just email in unofficial one?
  7. Hmm. Did you email you and say that they cant proceed until they receive your fall grades transcript, or was it just... ok? Cause I am definitely willing to submit a transcript if they'll take it. I did email them and it was kind of a non-specific answer. I plan on sending a transcript to all the schools once my fall grades are out anyway. (Oh also, I recently submitted an interim transcript to UofA as per this post.)
  8. Found this, this is what the FAQ says now: "Only official transcripts will be accepted, and they must be mailed directly from the granting institution. If you are in the process of completing your Fall semester, please wait until your your final fall grades are posted before requesting your post-secondary institution to send us your transcripts." Welp
  9. Thanks. I ask because I asked this question to their admissions and they basically said: "We will need to see your final transcripts for Fall 2020 but not for Winter 2021. You can request your transcripts to be sent once your class grades for Fall 2020 have been posted" even though I explicitly asked if I could submit my transcript "now" and then another one in December. Kind of sounds like they don't want it before, but then how else would people still in school get offers before December? Unless that's not a thing at TRU? Anyway. We shall see!
  10. Thanks. To your knowledge does it say anywhere that they don't want you sending your grades early? I know Calgary is very much like do not send a transcript until your fall grades are in. I obviously don't want to make the process any slower than it has to be, haha.
  11. I did multiple, but only cause I didn't know how to do it and leaned on the people who had done it in the past. I swear it gives you like 10 characters to explain your role.... Anyway I don't think it will matter one way or the other, the people reading them are smart.
  12. Someone made a spreadsheet of Indigenous applicants in the General Discussion > Indigenous Applicants thread. I would look at that and compare to your stats. Although, for uSask specifically I would say your Saskatchewan connection is really going to help you. You definitely have a great GPA as well.
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