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  1. Thought yield protection isn't a thing in Canada.
  2. I actually quite enjoy it. For me the 1.5 hour commute *not* driving is worse. To each their own! This will really come down to personal preference for OP.
  3. conversely in undergrad i commuted (bus/skytrain) 1-1.5 hours each way and did all my readings before i even got home as a result hahaha. for law school i'm upgrading to only a 45 minute (driving) commute which i'm looking forward to as decompressing/podcast time.
  4. I thought that was cancelled?
  5. Ok parking at UBC is NOT $1000 a term lmao. It's more like $370 a term. Here.
  6. I transitted from Coquitlam my whole undergrad and it was fine for me. I would not commute from like Chilliwack though
  7. I was really impressed by what UBC had to offer, in terms of both clinics and mandatory and optional courses.
  8. For future reference (like that person who made that spreadsheet) lol: I was accepted to Lakehead, Windsor, TRU, UVIC, UNB, and UBC (and then I pulled the rest of my applications) LSAT - 157 GPA - different for every school but percentage wise its 84%
  9. Does not matter. The only place it works like that (sort of, not really) is Ontario because all the Ontario schools admissions are connected via OLSAS. Other provinces/schools do not communicate because there is no centralized application system equivalent to OLSAS.
  10. The names of admitted applicants will be cross-checked with Admissions, so group member approvals may take some time
  11. Just FYI I'm an Indigenous applicant and I was accepted February 18, so not sure how it works.
  12. There's a big French speaking population in New Brunswick. It's the biggest in Canada outside of Quebec. If you're wanting both a law degree and a place where you can continue using French, UNB is a uniquely good choice for you. See here: French Presence in New Brunswick
  13. Yeah, UBC has a month long similar program for incoming Indigenous students.... It'll likely be school specific for the time being
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