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  1. I got my email the day of, but I would give it a week. And yes, it may take awhile to show up on OLSAS but that is how you accept. Instructions are in the Lakehead student portal account (you will receive the login via email.. so just wait on that, too).
  2. Just FYI I read in other posts that it can take at least a month to hear anything once you're at the referred stage.. I am too. The wait begins!
  3. WES + making sure you know you have to submit transcripts for every school you've attended
  4. Hi! Received email today GPA: 3.87 (out for 4.3 scale) LSAT: 157 Indigenous student, no ties to NB or east coast. Deadline is March 15.
  5. Yes? You're supposed to. If you're from out of province just have your school send it to OLSAS. If you're from ON then I think there's a way you request via OLSAS itself
  6. Apparently my ID/pw are wrong? First Windsor now TRU?
  7. Yea broken for me too. I'm gonna guess it's an issue on their end. They've been having a couple of tech issues with their portal it seems.
  8. I'm at this stage too. I read yesterday of someone who got put in that stage a month ago and is still at it.
  9. ^^^^^same. I have 2 cats and 2 cars (well, I have one and bf has one, nothing crazy lol) and the market looks incredibly slim
  10. TIL admissions works on the weekends 😶
  11. Pretty sure BC is completely different from ON
  12. Some people got waitlisted by Windsor already
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