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  1. Unfortunately, I already deferred for a year. I am 100% positive that given this, the school will not grant me another deferral. How should I approach banks to ask them for a lower credit limit? I already asked TD & Scotia, but they said that any amount of credit would require a co-signer. They were a year ago, so I'd have to wait about ~5 years to get them wiped off my record.
  2. I applied to TD and Scotia for a PSLOC. I was rejected by both banks (without a co-signer). My credit score sits in the high 600s for Equifax, and low 700s for Transunion. They were primarily concerned by a few late payments (I missed 2 payments on my student line of credit, and 1 payment on my cell phone bill, all around the same time a little over a year ago). They may have also been concerned with existing utilization of debt, as I do have OSAP debt, as well as a previous student line of credit. What are my options at this point? I feel absolutely demoralized.. I was so close to going to law school, but now this pops up. I'm kicking myself for not paying those bills on time a year ago (financial difficulties made it hard to do so, but I should have made more of an effort to pay them), but there's nothing I can do now about them. I don't really have anyone I can rely on as a strong co-signer/guarantor. One of my parents is able to co-sign, but she's had to take time off due to COVID and I doubt she makes enough to qualify so I'm not sure she'll be accepted as a strong enough co-signer. I need help/advice on what to do next.
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