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  1. thanks for the response! yeah, im planning to study really hard this month for my re-take in Jan!
  2. @navyblue11 Thank you for your response! I volunteer at a legal clinic and at a few social service agencies, and I have LOR's from two professors and a manager who I worked with all throughout university. I know its hard to guage whether those are good ECs/LORs but I'm crossing my fingers!!
  3. Hi folks, anyone able to chance me? Sorry for posting again, I didn't receive any replies in the G.D I know my stats aren't good at all especially for OZ but I am really nervous now that I received my OLSAS conversion & any consolation/reality check would help. Thanks in advance!!
  4. on another note, the conversion calculator recommended on this sub is REALLY accurate
  5. the OLSAS conversion has ruined my night
  6. Hi folks! I posted this question a while back, but I have since clarified by GPA with the OLSAS conversion calculator. I applied to Queens, Western, Osgoode and UofT. I expect to get A's in all my classes this semester - will this boost my cGPA? L2/B3: 3.62, 3.7 Edited to add - I am retaking the LSAT in January with hopes of raising my score by 1 or 2 points
  7. hey! im also coming from a social work program and am passionate about pursuing a legal career in the fields you mentioned. wishing you luck! x
  8. I haven't received one either! Only one I received so far is from UofT
  9. Maybe I'm slow, but I really cant tell if you're being sarcastic! 😅
  10. I read on another post on here (or it might've been Reddit) where someone said universities recommend against taking in January because they won't look at your app until they see your latest LSAT score, so I just wanted to clarify 😕 I always thought what you said, but when I read that post it worried me lol
  11. znass


    you're right, thanks!
  12. Hi again folks! I am sure its become clear how anxious I am about admissions with how much I've been posting on here. I really, really want to get into Osgoode. My cGPA (not OLSAS converted*) is 3.7 and I took the October Flex and got a 161. I have all of December off for winter break and I was planning to study and retake it in January (shooting for a 163). Is it worth it to retake the test? I read somewhere else that it is risky to retake in January because they may give out all their offers by then - is there any truth to this? *I should note I used the calculator on lawapplicants.ca and it put my cGPA at 3.5 - I'm not sure if I just inputted my information incorrectly. Thanks in advance!
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