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  1. https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/information_for_current_applicants.html Says here April 5th or later... Also waiting, good luck to everyone.
  2. I think you raise some great points. I will just wait and see what other schools say. Ottawa might just becoming a harder to predict school, like Windsor or Ryerson, who knows. I have no plans on giving up! just a hard set back. Thank you for sharing your opinion
  3. Yeah who knows, although there are a few other with similar stats as me so maybe they are just looking for something more specific; I am definitely hoping for some feedback, although I am sure they are way too busy to reply to emails right now.
  4. I am not sure A) that a higher LSAT would have made much of a difference with Ottawa given the spread of acceptances, & B) I feel I have plateaued on on my scoring, although i'm sure if i may be able to get another point or two if I got lucky. But I agree with your point on ECs, I Certainly have some interesting ECs but i suppose nothing extraordinary. Thanks for your thoughts
  5. Hello, I was just rejected from Ottawa, and was had a few questions. (obviously nobody can know anything for sure but some thoughts/ opinions would be appreciated). My Stats are 162 LSAT, 3.58 CPA & 3.67 L2. I felt my Personal statements were quite good, I had them read over by more than one person who knows what they are doing so I don't see them being catastrophic, neutral at the very worst. 1) I wrote the LSAT in October (155) and January (162), do you think its possible that Ottawa didn't receive my January score, are there many other Jan LSAT takers that were also rejected? (makes me think I should email queens and western to be sure, even though it seems unnecessary) 2) Given that I have been rejected from Ottawa this early, should I assume rejections from Queens and Western to follow. Do many people get rejected from Ottawa but accepted at Queens and Western? 3) Do you think these early rejections are simply because of competitiveness or is Ottawa changing its strategy. It seems that many people were accepted with lower stats than I have, so perhaps they are weighing experience more this time around. 4) Re-applying. I don't see my self being able to get an even higher LSAT, so I am not sure there is anything I could change on my application next time if I were to re-apply, maybe this cycle is just an anomaly, or perhaps I just don't have what is needed to get in anymore. Any insight is super helpful, and much appreciated, rejections are not easy to receive, especially when you really want something. Hopefully this helps some other people in a similar situation as I am.
  6. Nothing is certain this cycle. Ottawa seems to have upped their standards
  7. Devastated... refused today, thought I had a great application, applied general. Did not even get an email. Lsat 162 (Jan) Cgpa 3.58 L2 3.67
  8. This also shocked me, some amazing stats being posted, definitely nervous now! Might be best to just take a break from these threads and just wait for the email. Edit: never mind just rejected, cant believe there isn't even a waiting list. I don't get this cycle at all
  9. It still says last update in November for me. Not sure what that means.
  10. Did you apply in the general category?
  11. Happy to see someone make this post, I am feeling the exact same way. Im still waiting with 3.58 CGPA 3.66 L2 162 LSAT, I am starting to get a little worried as i've seen people with lower stats accepted, seems kind of random, makes me think I did something wrong... but theres still lots of time. Good luck !
  12. I would also add that you may have to sign up for the October/November test before the August test score is released. This is because the deadline to sign up is often several weeks before the actual date of the test. So my advice would be to pay attention to the score release date of the Aug. test and make sure it is before the deadline of the registration date of the Oct test.
  13. The Loophole is a great resource for LR, you may not start seeing results right away after reading it, thats because you have to practice. After I read it, my practice tests didn't improve, it took a few weeks until it really started to kick in. I recommend just drilling as many sections as you can until it becomes automatic. Additionally, Blind review (method from 7 Sage) is probably the biggest tool you can use, this will really help you pin down your weak areas. The loophole is a great place to start to build a foundational knowledge, but you have to keep going. Also, your RC score will start improving as well, don't let anyone tell you that it can't be improved, I was awful at it (-12 on avg) but in just doing practice sections/test over ad over again, it went down to like (-5-7). Just keep practicing you got this!
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