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  1. First time applying here! If anyone's interested in swapping personal statements and giving feedback, please let me know
  2. In order for OLSAS to receive your lsat grades, do you just have to include the lsac account number? I had one score from 2 years ago and I'm retaking in January, however there's no score on my application as of now. Do I have to login to Lsac and do anything on their end?
  3. @PhaedrusThis is so helpful, thank you!!
  4. I've seen this posted a couple times so I thought I'd take advantage and see if anyone (even current Ontario applicants) are willing to have a conversation with me regarding personal statements! I'm having the hardest time brainstorming what to write, as I grew up in an average middle class family with all the privileges that come with it and nothing profoundly "interesting" has happened to me. Any help regarding where to focus my ideas is greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently studying full time for the lsat and working on applications for the fall 2021 cycle. My goal is to break into the 160s by November (currently pting in the 153-157 range) but I'm also considering writing in January if I don't feel prepared by then. As of right now, I only have 1 score on file from my horrendous attempt 2 years ago, which is not high enough to even be considered (144). Would it be okay to wait and write the lsat in january (the last acceptable time for the current cycle), or would I essentially be wasting my application since all schools will see is the current 144 I have on file until I rewrite?
  6. Does anyone know of any resources to help people applying for the first time (like myself) in Ontario? I've made the olsas account but the whole process seems a bit confusing, and I've had trouble finding videos or guides on how to do the various steps of the application process.
  7. Nope, my mistake. OLSAS converted stats are: cGPA (3.57), L2 (3.92), L3 (3.90)
  8. Hey everyone, I know this question has been asked a lot however I'd like some insight as to how it pertains to my specific case. I'll be applying for the first time in the fall and I'm not sure where my chances are at. The goal is to get into Osgoode but I'll be applying to other schools as well (Queens, Western, Ryerson etc). Cumulative GPA isn't great (3.55) due to difficulty in first year however it was significantly better for the last 3 years (3.95). I haven't taken the LSAT yet but I believe it will just hit the 160 mark. Everything else is relatively normal (EC's, reference letters). What are my chances?
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