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  1. I'm a female lol what's confusing about it
  2. Hey guys! I've provisionally accepted queens and I'm trying to find potential female roommates to room with. Please message me if interested
  3. Rejected- letter dated March 19 CGPA: 3.57 B20: 3.95 LSAT: 160 ECs included lots of research experience, peer mentoring, and leadership positions
  4. Also still waiting! cGPA: 3.57 L2: 3.91 Lsat: 160 (jan)
  5. What happens if you provisionally accept before april 1st (let's say now) then get another offer from now until april 1st? Do you still have until April to decide on the second offer too? I'm a little confused as to whether there's any benefit of accepting provisionally now vs. waiting and doing so in 2 weeks.
  6. Accepted! Beyond excited and in shock!! Cgpa: 3.57 B2: 3.95 LSAT: 160 Good luck to those still waiting! Your time will come
  7. How helpful the loophole is depends on how acquainted you are with this test. When reading the book, I did not find that there was anything new or mind blowing in the book. However, certain strategies within the book did help me increase my score and achieve a 160 on the Jan test. Doing the translation drills was a huge part of this, as it allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the stimulus than I had ever before. Similarly, I stopped reading the question stem first before reading the stimulus, which allowed me to analyze the stimulus without any prior belief of what to look for. I would recommend doing the translation drills and CLIR drills at least 2-3 times per week and you should start to see some improvement within a month or so.
  8. In queue as of yesterday. Olsas gpa: 3.57 L2: 3.91 Lsat: 160 (jan)
  9. In line with what others have said, I think it could be helpful to re-evaluate how you approach the situation. However, if you are truly set on getting into one of the mentioned schools, no one will tell you it can’t be done. In terms of Lsat studying, a big portion of this test is about commitment so having realistic expectations is a big part of that- scores don’t simply jump up without the work. I scored a 144 on my first official Lsat (with a diagnostic of 143) after studying for 2 months and it’s clear I wasn’t prepared. After graduating last year it took me 8 months of studying everyday to be able to hit a high of 164 on pts, with a final score of 160 on the Jan test. That being said, I completed virtually every question ever administered and did 48 tests under timed conditions. Even though I believe I might be able to go higher with more studying, I do think there is a limit to my score due to my innate ability. Don’t be discouraged! Take the time to mentally prepare yourself and go all in
  10. Just echoing off of what everyone has said, I know it’s completely irrational to be freaking out this early in the cycle especially for those whose scores were finalized only a few weeks ago. Yet, I can’t help but check the portals multiple times a day thinking something might change. Since Jan is my highest score and my previous score before that would not have been high enough to get in anywhere, how long should I expect to be waiting before my application is reviewed? I feel like if I know to be waiting until the summer, then I might not check to obsessively now. Appreciate any insight!
  11. Mine was also requested yesterday. Wrote the Jan test, got a 160. Cgpa is 3.55 and B20 is 3.95. No acceptance yet though!
  12. I've applied to Osgoode, Ryerson, Queens, Western, Ottawa, Windsor and will probably apply to Dal as well!
  13. First time applying here! If anyone's interested in swapping personal statements and giving feedback, please let me know
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