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  1. Any indication yet of how COVID will effect hiring numbers at firms for the Toronto recruit this cycle?
  2. My guess is that the 280 is the English Common Law program and the other ~30 is the French program.
  3. Not to highjack this thread - but how will participation work for classes that are taught in-person for students that are not in Kingston? More applicable for upper-year classes, but if someone is aware I would appreciate knowing!
  4. I believe all classes (1L and upper year) that are in-person will be recorded and posted online for students to access at later times.
  5. I received an offer from Queens for an upper-year transfer from another Ontario school. I am leaning towards accepting because Queen's is closer to where I live and the school is more focussed on and provides more opportunities in my area of interest, business law. I was wondering if anyone had any experiences around transferring into Queens. I have a B+ average at my current school and was wondering if I would be at a disadvantage in terms of the 2L recruit as I have read on this forum that Queen's law averages are higher. (not sure if this is entirely true) FWIW, the 2L recruit is in January this year, so I will be able to have a full semester of courses from Queen's on my transcript before employers see my applications. Any info would be very helpful!
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