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  1. @Luckycharm Yes! I re-entered my grades this afternoon in the OLSAS calculator to be sure, and it's actually a 3.68 CGPA and a 3.79 L2
  2. Osgoode hasn't been on my radar at all so I haven' t looked into their medians much! I assumed it was similar to U of T which I know is higher. I shoulda looked it up before asking but posted this on a whim!
  3. My LSAT is a 165 and my cgpa is a 3.67. My L2 is probably closer to a 3.8. Should I apply to Osgoode? Since it's such a great school I keep getting this feeling like I should but I don't want to spend the money if I have no shot!
  4. I think 7sage offers this service, but from what I remember it's really expensive! I would recommed reaching out to people on here, or maybe professors at your school before paying big bucks for this.
  5. Just realized this is an incredibly easy thing to do no need to respond haha whoops!
  6. I added Osgoode to my list because I thought I might apply just to see what happens. Upon looking at the requirements, I realized there is an extra essay that I just don't have time to write. As Osgoode was not my first (or even my second choice) anyway, I now want to remove it from my OLSAS application but can't figure out how lol. Hoping it is possible. Anyone able to help? Cheers!
  7. I was hoping to send in my applications this weekend, but the more I think about it the more I think my personal statement would really benefit from another week or so of work. Does it make any difference if I send my apps in much before the Nov 1 date? (In terms of getting in earlier)
  8. Was just trying to log in cause I was excited that apps opened and wanted to take a look at what that looked like. Not even filling out my application until mid September so ya no extreme, unhealthy, or unnecessary stressing or fixation going on I'm actually just really excited that it's almost time to apply and get going on this next chapter. thanks for the advice though dude!
  9. You're probably right!! I'm not even planning on starting my apps till after the August LSAT so no sweat I guess cheers dude!
  10. I've been trying to log into OLSAS all morning and all I am getting is a message saying "this application is now closed". I'm literally just trying to access my account and I'm stressing! Anyone know what's going on?
  11. Would any of you be willing to look over my PS? It's not finalized, and I would only be sending the general section, as I plan on adding a personalized paragraph to each school I apply to. I would just love to hear from someone who knows about the application process to look it over, as no one in my life has applied to law school before. Please let me know and thanks!
  12. Thank you for the response! That's really reassuring to hear - I really really hope you're right haha! I've seen lots of stats in the rejected threads that are similar to mine, but also lots in accepted so I go through a lot of confident periods and then some where I think I'll never get in.
  13. Hi everyone, I've recently been seeing posts about autoadmit thresholds - does anyone know what Queens' is? Or any more information on what this threshold is? Thanks for any info!
  14. OK, that makes sense! Thanks so much for all your help - good luck in your law school journey!!
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