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  1. I'm in the same boat! Assuming it'll show up this week some time
  2. Just got an email! CGPA 3.68 L2 3.8 LSAT 165 Excited because wasn't expecting to hear till after christmas!
  3. I have the same LSAT and a lower cgpa and am already in at Ottawa and UNB, you are a shoe in, I'm 100% sure you'll get in somewhere soon!
  4. Currently in my 4th year!
  5. I first noticed on uozone this morning, then got an email a few hours later saying a decision has been made, but the email didn't say any more than that
  6. Accepted! CGPA 3.68, B2 3.79 LSAT 165 Edited to include some more information without clogging up this thread: Found out via uozone this morning, im in my 4th year, have been under evaluation since I first made my uozone account probably a month ago? Not sure time is weird during covid lmao. I have pretty good ECs I think - RA for 2 profs, president of 3 societies and founder of one, tutor, worked for the federal government, and some volunteering. I think my reference letters were good as I know both of the profs really really well, and as someone else said can't judge my own personal statement! Hope that is helpful
  7. Just got my acceptance email from Wanda! OLSAS GPA 3.68, no clue what it translted into at UNB with drops LSAT 165 No New Brunswick connection, but I do go to school in the Maritimes. Very excited!
  8. I just submitted my olsas application, so what do I do now? Do they grab my LSAT or do I have to facilitate that in any way? It said on the completed page that it's my responsibility to look over the academic information, but I have no idea where to find that. Also, what do I check in a few months time to see if I got in? Or will I get an email? Sorry for the questions but I've never done this before haha!
  9. Is the organization of the sketch a make or break? I've seen people on here say that it should be in chronological order, but I would have to completely re-do mine if I were to change it to that. I really want to submit today and am swamped with school work so not sure if its worth spending the time to "perfect" it.
  10. also, what amount of detail should go into "type of activity"/level of performance? I'm trying to explain my positions but not sure if I should just name them?
  11. What do I put in the box that says "please provide additional information" under the verifier section? Does this mean additional comments about the activity or about the verifier?
  12. @Luckycharm Yes! I re-entered my grades this afternoon in the OLSAS calculator to be sure, and it's actually a 3.68 CGPA and a 3.79 L2
  13. Osgoode hasn't been on my radar at all so I haven' t looked into their medians much! I assumed it was similar to U of T which I know is higher. I shoulda looked it up before asking but posted this on a whim!
  14. My LSAT is a 165 and my cgpa is a 3.67. My L2 is probably closer to a 3.8. Should I apply to Osgoode? Since it's such a great school I keep getting this feeling like I should but I don't want to spend the money if I have no shot!
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