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  1. In the queue as of the 15th. CGPA: 3.72 LSAT: 166
  2. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.. I'm genuinely just asking for advice about what I should do with the rest of my life. I don't really know why everything needs to be an opportunity for snark, but thanks for contributing.
  3. Great, thanks. Conducive to the discussion. Incredible advice.
  4. Thank you. I appreciate this input.
  5. Fair enough, it was always a thought in my mind to just come back and do the JD. I just didn't want to study anything else in undergrad, really. I'm interested in Politics and love history, but as hobbies. I feared that if I either didn't want to do a JD or after, or didn't get in, I'd still have a relatively employable undergrad. I haven't applied yet here, that's what I would do this fall. And to be fair, I know a lot of people that came back from the UK and went to Osgoode for an LLM, and secured articling positions relatively quickly. So employers do somewhat value that additional degree. But yes, the spooo0o0o0o0oky stories definitely aren't advertised.
  6. I guess that's fair enough. To be fair, I know a lot of UK grads that are doing quite well. I know Crowns at the office I work at that went abroad, etc. I know past alum of my school that are just fine. So they succeed somehow. I'd hope that isn't the majority opinion.
  7. I appreciate your thoughts. I'm just confused as to how having a legal undergrad, a legal background, work experience, pro bono experience, etc, would be a negative in an employer's eyes. I understand that there is distaste for the foreign route, but in what way am I taking the foreign route if I now get a JD? I will be 25 when I graduate, same as anyone else. I understand you have disdain for the foreign route, but in what way is an LLB and JD inferior to a BA and JD, when I've spent 3 years learning legal concepts, legal reasoning, and getting job experience in the field in Canada. I really just don't understand how I am going to do 2 law degrees, do it the proper way here and still be disadvantaged. I know you're saying I will be out of the box, which I agree with. But I don't see how I would be worse off in any way than someone with an English degree from Western.
  8. Thank you @BringBackCrunchBerries Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  9. Thank you all! This has given me a lot of clarity. I appreciate it.
  10. Sincerely, thank you. This is good logical advice. I appreciate it a lot.
  11. Thank you. I think my only hesitation has been taking on the cost. My parents paid for my LLB which was costly and I don’t want them to pay for another degree. But I don’t think that should stop me from doing it. It seems that most law students probably graduate with law school debt. I have no current debt and I have savings. I’m not too worried about that. Thank you for your advice and for listening. A lot of this has just been me getting outside opinions and I appreciate all of you taking the time.
  12. Thank you and thank you to @Hegdis as well. This is encouraging. It makes me panic to hear people think I’ve ruined my life. I have an undergrad. I’m not behind in terms of the normal timeline in Canada to become a lawyer. I wanted to go abroad. I didn’t want to study anything else because law has been my only goal and passion. I think the majority of advice here is that I should do a JD.
  13. Thank you. I agree. I don’t think a LLB JD is worse than a BA JD
  14. I don’t think having an LLB and a JD would be a disadvantage to having for example a BA and JD, do you? If anything I’d think that was an asset. I have a legal background. I’ve edited for the law review, worked in a clinic, and won a mooting competition. Going into a JD at this point I’d know a lot and I think I’d excel. In what way have I made an awful mistake if I’m planning on going to school here? Sorry but I don’t agree that I’ve ruined my entire life.
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