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  1. Hey man, sorry for the late response. I actually ended up getting offered the position hahah. Feel free to dm me and I can go through the questions they asked me. I interviewed at a few different Crown offices.
  2. I remember asking law grads the same thing when I was entering 1L. They told me, "Spend your summer before 1L reading things you like because you won't have time to read for leisure when the term begins." A coupe years later and that remains partially true. I'd recommend the following: If you're into Criminal law: 1984 by Orwell. This is a classic book that always helps remind me why we have a Charter and why the police need to follow it during criminal investigations. I love the way the Supreme Courts cites it in R v Fearon. If you like Aboriginal law: Unsettling the Settler Within by Regan. This is an academic text. But even if you read only a handful of chapters, you'll have a good understanding of s. 35 of the Charter and a variety of Indigenous, TRC, and State issues. Porcupines and China Dolls by Alexie. This is another literary piece of fiction. It's all about residential schools and the problem of intergenerational trauma... it helped me understand the historical importance of residential schools and how they have caused so many contemporary issues for Inidigenous peoples: inadequate housing, suicide rates, mental health crisis, economic disparity, addiction, sixties scoop, Gladue courts, racism, etc. For corporate law: Investing for Canadians for Dummies - I read this in my last year of undergrad because I knew nothing about finance or investing. Fast-forward several years later and I still find the knowledge from this book of great value. Not only did it allow me to get my own investments in order, but I found that prior knowledge really useful while studying business law. Films - Must Watch for any law student Paper Chase + Whiplash - Both films explore the costs of being "great" in one's career.
  3. I should clarify for everyone* I was an RA for a professor from the previous university I attended during undergrad - I was able to continue doing work remotely for my old professor from a different faculty. Sorry for the confusion there. My experience: I took two classes with this professor. I never spoke a word/never participated once in either class. She approached me at the end of my third year and asked me, "Why do you never raise your hand to participate?" I replied by saying, "If I'm not being graded on participation, then I'd rather save every minute of class time to listen and learn from others." She then told me that I finished at the top of both classes. She offered me the position and we worked together for 3 years. Best job I've ever had for several different reasons. The law school experience: It varies. From what I understand, it's very rare for a 1L to get an RA position DURING the academic terms. Usually a prof will get to know a student and ask them to RA for the summer. However, profs can also be more formal and post jobs ads with a more formal process (Cover Letter, CV, interview style). I encourage you to apply no matter what if you see an RA job ad. I applied for one last year and didn't get it, but now the prof knows me and offered to do a follow-up project with me one on one last semester... mainly because she knew I had an interest in the subject.
  4. I worked as a research assistant 10 hrs / week during 1L - ended up with above average grades but nothing great. During 3L, I worked 16 hours per week with relatively decent grades, but nothing amazing. If your standard for grades is B, B+ and maybe an A here or there, I'm your guy. Feel free to pm me if you're interested in tips for balancing school, work, and life
  5. Sup GreyDude, Ended up just asking for 30 minutes to consider the offer - all of the employers were happy and didn't mind. However, this was still a useful message as I am also within the sphere of Education (BEd 2018 from Laurentian University). I might go back to teaching (or maybe lecturing at universities) at some point in my career Thanks a lot!
  6. Do you have a professional way of saying, "I need time to consider?". I'm worried they will retract their offer! Can they do that under the LSO guidelines?
  7. Person accepts job offer. Later, their first choice firm calls and offers them a position. Person wants to go with latter firm, and cancel earlier arrangement. Consequences? This question is referring to both gov't jobs and private firms. Also, if you're offered a position DURING the interview, how do you respond to that question if you want to hold out for better firms?
  8. Hahaha you told me to "relax" on my last post too. My neuroticism is merely a byproduct of my passion and personality. I'll try to take your advice though and chill the fck out. One love brother.
  9. My first government OCI interviews are approaching. Different MAG offices. The office told me via email to "come ready to discuss one of the following." (They then listed like 5 recent cases). Probably a stupid question, but does anyone have any tips for reading the cases? I'm freaking out for these interviews and ANY and ALL tips would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hey man, During law school, you'll get to select different electives as you go. I decided to focus on a lot of my optional courses studying business law and criminal law. Based on your post, it looks like youre split between family and criminal justice - after three years, you'll a much better idea of what you want to do. And who knows? Maybe something will catch you off guard and inspire your to pursue something random like real estate, labour, or administrative law. My point: don't worry about choosing which field you want to practice in right now. You have your interests, so explore them during the next few years and see which one you like. All law schools encourage networking, have panels, and events with practitioners - you'll be able to ask questions that go beyond the classroom and the associates at these events are usually pretty candid. Follow-up question: Where did you teach in Asia? I'm finishing up law school soon, but I have a BEd. from Ontario and kind of miss teaching. I've always wanted to see Asia... would you recommend the experience? Money? Lifestyle? Fulfilling?
  11. I have a deep-cut question for government employers and Crown Attorney offices. I have too many OCIs... well too many for me. I suck at interviews and did not prepare enough for the Crown Attorney OCIs. I had no idea the questions would be this tough and I did not do well (failed on many questions and confessed to not knowing some of the Charter application stuff). If I wanted to apply for a Crown Attorney articling position next summer, would they have my name in a system with a crappy score? Does a trash interview impact you later on in some kind of filing system? Does this failure mean every Crown Attorney office will know who I am if I ever get another chance at a different city?
  12. Based on my research, it's alllll about finding that sweet-spot between professional and 'casually likeable enough that you want me in your office 50-60 hours per week'. Funnily enough, the only callback I got was definitely the most casual. We talked about hockey, guitar, and different bands we like. It was some epic bonding and I felt like 'one of the boys'. I'll keep your comment in mind for the 'in-firm' and try to err on the side of professional. Thanks.
  13. Yeah I've had 3 OCI's and 1 out-of-province interview. All four contacted me within a few days. 3 firms said, "No Dice bro, but thanks for coming out," and one firm scheduled an in-firm interview in a few weeks. Considering that that most firms have a 3-4 stage process, and I'm already getting screened out at the first stage, I'd say that's kind of a bad return rate, no? I have like 10 more OCI's, so hopefully I can come in clutch on a few more.
  14. Got my first callback - Large Business firm. Are the questions significantly different? How to prepare better? Is the competition still horribly against my odds?
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