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  1. Yeah i'm in undergrad currently, and I didn't upload my transcript when I had initially submitted my application. I got an email earlier this month asking to email the admissions office a scanned copy of my unofficial transcript. I also should say that my offer is conditional. For this to be removed, they just have to confirm that my grades are correct when my official transcript is sent in.
  2. Accepted as well! Congrats to everyone else! Current student in final year (UofC) LSAT: 174 cGPA: 3.57 L2: 3.8ish
  3. Yes, i'm pretty sure that is supposed to be the case. They did send an email to some students in their final year of undergrad to send in their unofficial transcript (which definitely caught me off guard), but to the best of my knowledge, nothing has generally changed in this regard. I would still wait until the grades from this semester are finalized before sending in your official transcript for the first time.
  4. Just got the offer! Confirmed cGPA: 79.7 LSAT: 174 Super excited! congrats everyone!
  5. I got one of those tracking numbers as well. After obsessively checking my status for the past 10 days, i'm really hoping it's a good sign! For reference, I applied mid September, and my status was changed probably within the last hour haha.
  6. Sorry, this is just me speculating so I may be completely wrong. I assume that considering 4th year students for the 1st cycle is not a standard practice for UofA compared to years past (just because they don't ask for your transcript until after the Fall semester is completed), so I could see them trying to assess applicants with high LSAT scores that may be competitive applicants, but still happen to be in their 4th year. Instead of waiting for a presumptive lock of an applicant to finish the semester, they may just be trying to cut to the chase, and give them an offer in the first cycle. As a UofA student with a very favourable LSAT score, I could see them obtaining your gpa now instead of waiting until January because your Fall grades will likely not change your status as pretty much a lock for getting into UofA. I hope that made more sense. Not sure if it's normal for applicants, or just because of this weird, slightly delayed 2021 cycle, but it's becoming really easy to overthink everything lol.
  7. I don't know for sure, but if the administration at UofA is similar to UofC at least, they'll be able to access your current grades without you having to email them yourself. Your stats are excellent, so I could absolutely see them proactively obtaining your gpa to consider you for the 1st cycle
  8. Hey, I received the email a few hours ago. I was admittedly a bit surprised because I was also under the impression that they didn't want transcripts until the end of the fall semester. I'm from Alberta, and currently attending UofC. Considering i'm in my final year of undergrad, I didn't arrange for my official transcript to be sent to UofA, and I also didn't take the initiative to provide them with any unofficial one as well (before today of course). Just for context, my current stats are (unconfirmed): CGPA 3.59, L2: 3.78, LSAT: 174. I applied pretty much when applications opened (I think early September) with a LSAT score on file (July test) and a completed personal statement. I hope this helps!
  9. With regard to your LSAT writing, I really hope you have a good diagnostic score, and lots of time to study. Frankly, I think that you haven't done yourself any favours with taking the test for the first time in January. I'm sure you know that with your GPA you'll have to do really well on the LSAT, and giving yourself one shot to do this with just over 2 months of studying is risky (to put it nicely). It won't be impossible I suppose, but I hope that you naturally find the test easy, or get really lucky. I don't know your circumstances, but if your heart is set on law school, there's probably a good chance you'll have to significantly outperform many other applicants on the LSAT. This is easier said than done, realistically, you'll most likely have to wait till next year to do this. Even if your PT's are in the range that you need to score, being unlucky or nervous on your first attempt (which can easily happen) will derail this cycle for you. Good luck, but I can't stress enough how seriously you'll have to take the LSAT to even give yourself a fighting shot. 2 months of studying is a pretty aggressive timeline if you want to get an exceptional score.
  10. That's a good starting point, don't be discouraged. If it makes you feel better, my diagnostic was a 157 and I scored a 174 this past summer. For me personally, I got the most out of just grinding PT's and reviewing. Once you understand and practice LG, the rest of the test kind of comes together, and it really is just about repetition and reviewing (at least for me). I definitely agree with @Aschenbach , it will be a lot of work, but it is possible if you put in the time.
  11. I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I’m starting to get anxious about my application. I’m currently in my final year of my undergraduate degree and have applied to UBC in the middle of September. Can students currently completing their final year of undergrad studies be admitted in the first cycle? My self calculated current index is 92.84. I’ve applied to multiple schools, but UBC is my number one choice, so it would be nice to know in December so I can stop stressing myself out lol.
  12. To further this point, I know LSAC has made the point of mentioning that the LSAT Flex is designed to be the same difficulty as the standard 4 section LSAT. This makes sense, as the questions are the exact same-just one less LR section (which I would imagine could easily help or hurt certain test takers). My expectation is that especially considering the circumstances with COVID-19, all schools would treat both iterations of the test the exact same.
  13. Hi Malina, Is it true that students in their final year of undergrad will not have their application looked at until Fall 2020 grades are submitted? I'm a current UofC student, and I already have a LSAT score on the books that should be competitive. Is it possible that current students are given an admission offer during the first cycle? I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but I submitted my application the first day that they opened. Thanks!
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