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  1. Waitlisted April 27th. LSAT: 165 cGPA: 2.98 L2/B2: 3.34/3.56 I filled out Part B in the application. This is my third year applying and it’s an honour to be considered by Osgoode! It’s my dream school and I’m still a little in shock at making it onto the waitlist (given the low cGPA). Best of luck to everyone waiting!!
  2. Waitlisted a few minutes ago. LSAT: 165 cGPA: 2.98 L2: ~3.34 access applicant
  3. Rejected today, letter dated March 15th. LSAT: 165 cGPA: 2.98 B20: 3.64 LOR were really good, one from a professor and one from an established corporate lawyer. PS was strong, lots of work and volunteer experience. Social justice oriented with a focus on minority and women’s rights. Documentation was provided to explain lower grades in early years of university.
  4. Thank you, I hope so. Good luck to you as we’ll. Becoming a lawyer has been my dream since I was a kid and I really want to get started.
  5. I applied access wherever I could. I don’t intend on applying out of province as I ultimately want to practice in Ontario. To give an idea of previous rounds, I had a 159 last year as my highest score, with a cGPA of 2.9 and I was waitlisted at western and Windsor. I’m hoping the higher LSAT score as well as higher cGPA and additional grades from this year make the difference.
  6. Yes, I also applied to Windsor, Western, Ottawa, Queen’s, UofT and Osgoode.
  7. As you all can probably relate, I'm getting quite antsy waiting to hear back. This is my third time applying to law school and I am really hoping it's the charm. I've written the LSAT multiple times and my best and most recent score is a 165. My cGPA is 2.97 with an upward trend second year onwards and the dip has been explained in my application with medical documentation. My B20 is 3.61. As for my personal statement, ECs and LORs, I would say they're quite strong. Multiple co-op roles and work experience, lots of volunteer experience as well. My personal statement was social justice focused.
  8. In queue on Jan 19th I believe. LSAT: 165 cGPA: 2.97 L2: 3.34 B2: 3.56 Strong LORs and personal statement. The low cGPA explained in my personal statement with physical/mental health documentation. Upward GPA trend second year onwards.
  9. Based on your stats, you are likely to get waitlisted around May. Depending on the strength of your personal statement, it could weigh on how they make the final decision for your application.
  10. As someone who has previously applied to Windsor with those stats, the likelihood is that you’ll be waitlisted (very late in the cycle) but not offered admission. I would suggest either improving your LSAT score or your cGPA to further improve your chances and your ECs and contents of your personal statement seems to be strong on its own.
  11. I recently called Admissions to ask if they anticipate any movement off the waitlist. They said that the class is currently full and they do not expect many, if any, offers to be made at this point in time. I would say to unfortunately, brace yourself for bad news.
  12. Let me clarify. I meant to ask when were you waitlisted?
  13. Were you also part of the February wave of waitlist offers? Thanks.
  14. Would you be able to share when you were waitlisted? Thank you.
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