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  1. Sorry I actually meant the first and last sentences of each paragraph. It works!
  2. I watched the best video on reading comprehension that changed everything for me. I was doing 22/23, 22/25 on the other sections and 9/27 on reading comp, even when I didn't worry about time. The video I found on youtube and described a method where you simply read the first sentence of each paragraph and then gather the main point, answer the main point question, and then only read what you have to to answer the remaining questions. I had this idea that I had to read everything and retain it, and then return to the paragraphs and understand everything well. The other method is that you look at the four reading passages and decide which on you are not doing (usually the one with least questions or hardest) and then you spend your time on the other three and in the time remaining quickly quess on the last questions for the passage you left. It sounds terrifying I know but it worked for me. I ended up getting closer to 20-22/27 which I thought was impossible for me. In the time spent on the three passages you get many questions right and then likely get a couple right when guessing on the final passage. This all depends on the questions and difficulty but it's worth a shot.
  3. 3.5 GPA with drops, 155 LSAT, maritime resident
  4. Congratulations!! Did you submit LORs? Also did you attend University in PEI?
  5. Don't forget to breathe. Seems like a given but sometimes we are so focused we don't. Also if you are anxious while writing take a deep breath, it will benefit you!
  6. Did you apply through the regular category?
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