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  1. Accepted this afternoon! 160 / 3.66 Applied general. Very excited! Shoutout to @Luckycharm - spot on
  2. Bingo? I'm still waiting on acceptances 😬
  3. Rejected, letter dated March 16, but only showed up through RAMSS communication today. 160 / 3.66 cGPA
  4. Requested Feb 9 Generated today, Feb 10 cGPA 3.66, LSAT 160. Wrote July 2020 What does it mean?
  5. Didn't consider this. You're right, the dates are probably slightly different
  6. Last year, no acceptances were reported in Accepted 2020 between Feb 4 -23 Reading week 2020 was Feb 18 - 21 (https://www.uwo.ca/english/graduate/important_dates.html)
  7. Interesting. I'm aware of the risk factor of choosing Ryerson, but didn't come down on it as strongly as you've laid out here. Though leaving the GTA will be a bit of a nuisance, you're probably correct that it would be silly to turn down Western/Ottawa/Queens if given the opportunity. (Rather than IP, I was referring to Ryerson's emphasis - at least in their marketing materials - on infusing law with a knowledge of technical skills that lawyers will likely need in the mid-long term. But I suppose that shouldn't be a deciding factor. I can probably pick up those skills elsewhere.) Thanks again!
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies! This definitely helps set my expectations, particularly with respect to Oz. I will anticipate a rejection, but hope to be pleasantly surprised. I'd be happy with at least one acceptance between Western and Ottawa, with Queens coming in 3rd just due to Kingston's secluded nature. Ryerson is still a wild card, but location and it's seeming emphasis on tech + law are draws for me. Let's just pretend that didn't happen 😆
  9. Hi all, first time poster. I'm starting to worry a little bit with no offers in thus far, though I know there's still plenty of time. Hoping someone can chance me. eCGPA: 3.66, L2: 3.66, upward trend to 3.80 in final summer + fall/winter. LSAT: 160 (single take). Decent academic LORs/personal statement, okay ECs, and some (hopefully) interesting corporate work experience. Did not submit through Access/Part B etc. Applied to Oz, Queens, Western, Ottowa, Ryerson. I'd really appreciate any feedback!
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