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  1. I know 3 students at UOttawa who were admitted with significantly lower stats. I'd say you have a decent shot depending on your softs.
  2. I just got the same notification Did you hear back?
  3. Thanks for responding guys! I totally thought the deadline was Nov 30 so I am relieved I will still be considered at the very least. For me, however, an entrance scholarship is critical so I will take your advice and check with the admissions office. Thanks again
  4. Hi So I sent multiple follow-ups to my 2nd referee yet, unfortunately, when Dalhousie updated my admission file it indicates that she only submitted her letter of recommendation on Dec 3 (Deadline was Nov 30). Does the fact that they added it to the application portal mean they accepted it? Or has this effectively eliminated me from consideration? Should I inquire with the admissions office or leave it? P.S. I've already beat myself up over this so you don't have to Just looking for advice!
  5. Hey, So I did a "chances" post a while ago with what I thought my GPA was but OLSAS's calculation has truly humbled me. What do you think my odds are for U of T, UBC & McGill. I applied pretty much everywhere but those are my goal schools. CGPA on Transcript: 10.12/12 (A-) OLSAS CGPA: 3.58 OLSAS L2: 3.9 OLSAS L3/B3: 3.85 LSAT: 164 Good PS and ECs I think but nothing outstanding.
  6. So OLSAS, McGill and Dal all requested it late October, early November but I cancelled my October score. I rewrote in November, got my score yesterday and UofT, Ottawa, Queens and Osgoode all made another request on that same day (Even though I applied through OLSAS???).
  7. Has anyone's LSAT score not been sent to OLSAS and other schools? On my LSAC account, it says that the schools requested it but that 0 reports have been sent. I have called the LSAC twice and been told that there is nothing to worry about. I am getting concerned however. Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat or has any better/less dismissive insight? Thanks
  8. This is good advice, thank you! I just let test nerves get the best of me and although i only guessed maybe 2 qs per section, i still worry that my accuracy was compromised due to stress and being disconnected 4 times LOL. i think i could do better in January, especially if LSAC and Proctor U get it together
  9. scary like: “if you take the January test, we will put your file on hold until we get your second score but all the spots might be filled by then”
  10. Hey guys, So although I have been PT'ing in the 165-168 range for the last month, the November LSAT did not seem to go that well. I calculated my worst case score as a 159 and my best case as like a 163. If I get a 159, would it be worth it to retake it in January? Would that hurt my chances more than it would help? For reference, I applied to Dalhousie, McGill, Ottawa, Toronto, Osgoode, Ryerson and Queens and my CGPA is a 3.7 with a last two of all As and A+s. I'm asking because all the schools write scary thing about taking the January LSAT on their websites. Thanks
  11. I ended up deleting it because it was supposedly postponed until January and then pushed back again until May. I feel like it will keep getting pushed back because it is government funded so by the time I am allowed to go I will (hopefully) be in law school.
  12. Thanks so much! I just deleted it. When you put it like that, I can see it looking very stupid to an admissions officer :P
  13. Hi there, I was accepted to a really prestigious and competitive international internship program this summer but unfortunately, it was postponed due to COVID.-19. Should I still include it and state that it has been postponed? Would doing so look like Im kinda scrapping the bottom?
  14. Hi there, So I am completing my OLSAS autobiographical sketch right now. Can I include an unpublished Honours Research Essay in the research field. Also, how many sketches do you guys have? I have 10 right now and I am wondering if that is enough. Obviously I can't start a new job or activity before November 1st but I am wondering if I should be including more.
  15. Hey everyone! So I am thinking of applying virtually everywhere in Canada this fall and I just wanted to see what my chances for admission are. My CGPA is 3.7/4 (A-) with a Last 3/Best 3 of 3.85/4 (A). Good references lined up, strong ECs (Exec for 2 clubs and lots of volunteering), cultural exchange and work experience in the public and private sector. What kind of LSAT score would I need to have a good chance of admission at a place like UBC or McGill? I am currently having a hard time with the LSAT. I am currently scoring in the mid/low 150s and will be taking it in October.
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