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  1. It's a flawed system and a lot of otherwise good applicants get fucked. This is why if you look at admitted threads from other years, you'll notice a slight inclination towards accepting students with higher lsats. A lot of people here would protest it if UBC outright stated that LSAT is worth more than gpa, but it's one of the only ways for accounting for the differences in schools. Yes I know, LSAT isn't a perfect indicator of performance.
  2. That's worrying, maybe they didn't factor in the drops, try calculating for it again but don't drop the lowest 4 and see if you get their number
  3. What did you self-calculate each letter grade as? Im UofA as well. Additionally, howd you get them your transcript?
  4. Idk, the online application has its hand stretched out for my "official transcript", and the best my university can do is a snail mail document. Maybe that'll be enough, but it's also possible that they won't like a xerox scan
  5. Especially relevant for current Ualberta students, how did you go about uploading your marks? We have an unofficial transcript that's digital, and an official one that needs to be released and mailed. If I include the official one I'd have to xerox it and idk how theyd like that. If I include the unofficial one, it's unofficial, so that might be the end of it.
  6. This might seem like a useless question but trust me it helps to know.
  7. Also does anyone have a good sense as to who gets December admission offers in terms of index and lsats?
  8. Will do, hope it doesn't backfire on me lol
  9. Let's discuss the elephant in the room- why does allard convert a letter grade to the worst percentage for each range? Everyone from UBC is showing up with drip on their transcripts that are 90 and above, but students from other universities get the lowest percentage for each range, being artificially capped at 90 for an A+. Hopefully the admissions council accounts for this. They take you at your worst for almost every percentage range.
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