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  1. I mean I guess I could wait till June? That could also mean that the waitlist will only be out by then, and we could be waiting a few more weeks even then. Really not great to have a waitlist come out that late.
  2. Wouldn't harm or help. Have called at different stages of my application and they always tell me to call a month or two later. Would be nice to have more info, after all we did pay 100$ to apply.
  3. Back to the main question, is there really a stigma against public schooling among the high earners? I knew that it was a thing in the US and the UK but I always hoped it was different here.
  4. I found a lot of good advice on that subreddit but no one should feel intimidated by the scores on there, you'd think 170 is the median score judging by what's on the front page.
  5. A June waitlist? I think a lot of us are aiming to have a lease secured in whichever city we're moving to by then, a June waitlist is too little too late. Also on a side note Allard has consistently been the poorest in terms of communication. Calculating a bunch of people's gpa % wrong then telling people not to call for gpa checks.
  6. I really like the admissions staff and how helpful they've been, but I'm still mad about them changing to the best lsat instead of averages in the middle of the cycle.
  7. That can't be right, I thought they said that they postponed the announcement of law courses till May?
  8. My biggest pet peeve that I've talked about is how schools will wave away anyone who criticizes their tuition by adding that if you work on Bay street you'll make X and you'll pay it off soon. Like no, 1. maybe i won't make it, 2. maybe I won't like working in that environment, 3. what if i want to do something that pays way less or start my own office out of home, in which case the added debt from tuition would make it impossible to get any more credit to start my own business. yes
  9. That makes sense, I'll try to chill and check back in the near future
  10. Have they offered all of their seats or are there still some left? Maybe some of the ones who have been admitted or some Uvic students could shed light on this.
  11. Honestly at least they're doing it, Courtney and the rest of them are such good pr for the rest of the faculty. Every other school hasn't really gotten back to me.
  12. What index range if you're comfortable sharing?
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