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  1. And when they talk about their exams it's like they were asked to explain the plot of "Lost".
  2. Tbh after reading threads like those the sole practitioner path is looking more and more attractive. I hate corporate culture, can't imagine working 60-70 hours a week, and I'd be able to keep some semblance of my undergrad career alive.
  3. Yes, but more recently I've kept up with the lawyer threads on hours, salaries, helps with getting level-headed about what a legal career looks like
  4. As invested in this as I am, we gotta realize that any date is pure guesswork at this point.
  5. I'm really torn on this debate. LSAT prep companies and books argue that anyone can score over 170 but there's an obvious conflict of interest there, and some people claim that it's limited to someone's innate ability. Nature vs. nurture.
  6. Im curious why you would turn down an NYU full ride? I thought about applying down south since I had a chance at low T-14 like Georgetown, but the only plus of going there would be the higher earning potential (at the cost of working 60+ hours a week). I'd be leaving my friends, the country I grew up in, and would take on 6-figure debt that would all but bar me from working part-time or anything that paid less than big law.
  7. I know that Ontario schools are still cheaper than American ones, but the lack of a tuition freeze and artifical rise in tuition of Ontario schools reminds me of a quote by the former teacher and mildly liberal US president Lyndon Johnson (Yes, the one who drummed up support for the Vietnam War): I shall never forget the faces of the boys and the girls in that little Welhausen Mexican School, and I remember even yet the pain of realizing and knowing then that college was closed to practically every one of those children because they were too poor. And I think it was then that I made up my mind that this nation could never rest while the door to knowledge remained closed to any American.
  8. Good to see the adcom mill nearing applications submitted on the 15th. Was wondering if anyone has inquired how many applications they received this year?
  9. Pretty simple. I'm not on OLSAS but on the start page you click on the JD accounts, sign up with your information, and schedule a test. The data law schools want is your L # on the top right of your LSAC home page. For me signing up on LSAC was a throwback to the AP exams registration in high schools since both ask for your ethnicity. Americans have an... interest, in tracking such things.
  10. To echo this, I'm pretty sure there's a public servants subreddit where you can take the temperature of the room to find out what they think
  11. Honestly after keeping tabs on this week's accepted thread, my score of just over 244 makes me nervous. Feels like im trying for UofT
  12. April/May if I had to take a guess, considering that the indexes have gotten a bump ever since they changed their lsat policy
  13. Unless you've already trained karate-kid-style for the test, fall's a good time to take it. Gives you a cushion of 2 tests (november, january) if you need it
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