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  1. If I did get in and decided to attend 3rd year I'd probably finish off the few remaining credits I need to graduate in the summer prior to law school so I still get my degree
  2. Read that other schools accept a handful of applicants currently in their third year. I recognize that there are pros and cons to doing this obviously but was curious if UofT takes people in 3rd year of their stats are good enough? Coming up on the end of 2nd year now, already done the LSAT and as of right now my GPA and lsat are above both 75th's.
  3. A bit of a different situation for me, my diagnostic after a couple fo weeks of studying was a 166. Used the power score lg Bible to solidify games and did many practice tests for or and rc practice. Just got back a 177 for the August flex!
  4. You may already be aware but olsas has a conversion able so you could calculate yourself https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/
  5. No I think the one you have will be fine, schools just wanna see that you can write coherently
  6. The powerscore lsat podcast, they cover a whole bunch of lsat topics and usually do a recap of each months test, I find it really helpful
  7. Good luck trying to figure all the versions out for your guys recap podcast if you're doing one for august. Not a light task I would imagine.
  8. 88 is also known as one of the hardest recent LG sections
  9. Also the lsat has almost nothing to do with knowledge of the law or criminology, your undergraduate background will not help you significantly. To really get a feel for the lsat you need to write a practice test under timed conditions to see what your level is at and how much you need to study
  10. Just got an email, mechanical pencils as well as pens and foam earplugs are now allowed
  11. Also flex has one less scored section, with one reading comprehension, one Logical Reasoning and one logic games whereas regular had 2 logical reasoning
  12. If you log into lsac there should be a notification at the top about your lsat flex preferences where you can choose the flex. But I think they automatically put you in the flex test if you don't respond. Score preview isn't available yet lsac said it would be available for sale around August 1
  13. I think you'd have a terrific chance at basically every school except UofT and even then, your GPA is beyond their 75th percentile and and lsat of 164 would be slightly lower than their median so you'd still have a pretty good chance there as well
  14. It honestly depends on which sections you're better at. Flex only has one Logical Reasoning section compared to 2 on the regular lsat. If LR is a weakness of yours, flex would be better. If you're better at LR than games or reading comp, you should wait for the regular lsat if you can. Obviously, you should also consider whether you would perform better at your own home writing the test or in person at a testing centre. I don't think any Canadian law schools have said that they look at the 2 differently.
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