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  1. i love this thread, every comment is 100% me right now, including @Notnotadog's schedule
  2. I'm K-JD and got in at 22. Feels good knowing that I will be starting a stable career by my mid-twenties, but I could have used a bit more perspective when it comes to grades, recruitment, handling stress and all that jazz. Also, looking back, I wasn't my most professional self at the beginning of law school and I cringe sometimes when I think of certain things I said back then. That being said I was never interested in any other career, so if I didn't go to law school after undergrad I would have just wasted a few years doing something I am not interested in. Ultimately, everybody's path is different and you gotta do what you gotta do, and I've seen both K-JD and mature students do well.
  3. I don't think Lindsay Kenney and Segev did, so I think OP is going by something else. Someone pls correct me if I am wrong though.
  4. To continue this thread for future students, I ended up at a place that I am genuinely happy about. Stepping into the OCI process, certain firms were on the top of my preferences more or less for artificial reasons (size, nice office, they named our classrooms, etc.). If these firms send you ITCs then that is great!! If they don't, don't lose hope and don't give up on the ITCs that you do have. Every firm that is participating in the OCI process is worth their salt. I did a bit more research into the places that sent me ITCs and every one of them would give me a great start to my career, and I am certainly grateful for the offer that I ended up receiving.
  5. so i did not get an offer from the places that said this to me (yes more than one place threw this phrase at me), but did from a firm that did not say this to me, so take that as you will. I think while it's not a sure good sign, I don't think it's a bad sign either: like SCOTUS said it seems like this phrase means literally that - you are going to hear from us either way.
  6. is it a good sign when the interviewer says "you are going to hear from us on call day either way"? or is that just courtesy?
  7. same; i totally get it. i feel like i'm pulled by external circumstances (deadlines) to get work done rather than by any internal motivation. it's def affecting my performance.
  8. Congrats!! Didn't get a call here so I guess I will try again next year then.
  9. Jumping on this post a few years back, I had 1L: A A- A- B+ B- B- B- B- (awkward distribution i know) 2L: A-, B+, B+, B B Participated in the 2021 recruit. Got 11 OCIs and 3 ITCs.
  10. Thank you for all of your responses. When I made this post I was feeling quite exhausted with this whole process. I am now feeling more objective and optimistic, and yes I will focus on the ITCs I do have. Thanks again.
  11. Just venting. I did not get ITCs from firms that I thought I had good conversations with; got some from employers I do not think I am particularly interested in. I feel like I will never have the future I wanted. I know others have received ITCs from my top choice employers already, and I am honestly pretty sad about that. Anyone else in the same boat - you are not alone. Advice is appreciated.
  12. Oh yeah I hated my A- course and loved my B courses haha. I hated my A- course not because there is no actual law, but because I got too much content pushed at me and I felt drained. Perhaps I feel more humble when facing content that I do not like, so I keep my eyes open for more issues.
  13. i did not experience this inverse relationship in 1L, but did for first semester of 2L. I used to not believe it, too. The course I felt shitty about: A- and way above average. The courses I felt very confident in (put more effort into and felt good after the exams): both Bs and below average.
  14. Just a note about job prospects: no need to worry about that at this point. If you are worried about 1L summer: don't. Some opportunities are posted (whether on your school's platform or on other websites) after summer begins and RA opportunities will be posted throughout the year. If you are worried about OCIs, you will have midterm to practice and you have rest of the year to pick your professors' brains before the final exams hit. If you are worried about what you will do after law school, lots of people have no idea what they want to practice in even after they finish law school: that's what articling is for. Hope that helps.
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