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  1. I found the oxford seminars link, but is the information there still current? Some stats seem like they're out of date.
  2. I'm considering all schools for now because I'm very unfamiliar with admissions process. I'm currently looking at people's posts on this forum to get a sense of average stats, but thought I'd ask specifically for my situation to get more knowledge.
  3. Thanks all, just need some confidence. It would be a massive career shift, and I'm currently in the process of LSAT prep anyone want to be LSAT buddies just shoot me a message and we can talk about questions and answers together
  4. Thanks! I guess it's more for American law?
  5. Does anyone use 7sage for law school itself? Law school studying/supplementing/concepts etc. They seem to have courses for law school studying but I'm not sure how relevant or helpful these are. I've only seen people suggest 7sage for LSAT. Are the courses there even relevant to Canadian law? Thanks!
  6. Precisely. At the end of the day, you are comparing yourself with everyone else who got in/has certain potential to get in, not everyone else who took the test. If we assume median roughly equals 50% percentile (of people who got in), a low 160s is not a 'high' score, especially in light of the fact that one may want to wager whether whatever qualifies as a high score, might offset to some degree their low GPA. But granted, it depends what schools you're considering. He did say he is considering all schools in Canada so maybe a 'high' LSAT isn't really required. Assuming his L2 and/or B3 is good, he might have a chance at at least one LS. I do get where you're coming from though.
  7. Hi all. What are my chances for the stats in the title? I don't know exact L2/B3, but it should be around 3.93 as all 4 years were very consistent. My B3 would be slightly higher, probably 3.95, and L2 would be slightly lower, maybe 3.90-3.91. LSAT I'd say around 164 ish? I think I can score a 164; currently in the middle of practicing, my timed diagnostic without prep was 160 on Khan. Considering all schools, from most to least competitive. My softs aren't super good. Some volunteering, was part of a student research committee, doing an MSc currently but it's course based. I suppose I have a relatively unique life context: I'm a nurse and am potentially interested in personal injury or family law. Thanks!
  8. I would say high is 170+. 163 is not high. More like higher on the mediocre scale. If you had a 178 LSAT, it might offset your GPA. Otherwise it's not remarkable enough considering that LSAT scores normally don't have much (if at all) bearing on offsetting low GPAs.
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