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  1. Short of sending an e-mail to find out, pretty sure the only way to know is by people updating the acceptance thread. I know we were at around #20 - I'm sitting at #33 (if you needed a benchmark).
  2. Accepted this morning. B2 - 3.52, 161 LSAT, no Sask connection. Applied as a Special Applicant and also given until May 26th to decide. Will be declining due to personal circumstances. Best of luck for everyone else!
  3. Also accepted today Letter grade: A- (self calculation puts my CGPA around a 3.3, L2 3.5), 161 LSAT. Applied discretionary.
  4. I lived in Kamloops for a number of years - I was always impressed by the number of outdoor activities that were available like Mountain biking, trails, etc. For a dog specifically, I found there were a number of excellent off leash parks and places to take them hiking on the trails, etc. Kenna Cartwright Park, MacArthur Park or the Lac Du Bois Trails are amazing for those so inclined. Kamloops has pretty mild winter weather (and some of the hottest summers around!) but has a nice ski hill within an hour's distance at Sun Peaks. It can be a tricky city to live in on foot, most things on the south shore are within walking distance, but everything is uphill unless you are right downtown or on the Northshore. Most of the major box stores, including the largest mall, are an uphill hike. Besides outdoor things? Underrated food scene - there are some restaurants (On the Rocks Pub, Nandi's Flavours of India) I still think are the best I've ever been to. Kamloops Blazers (WHL team) if you like local sports (I didn't when I first arrived, became a fan after work requirements led to going to a few games). If you aren't demanding the amenities of a "Big City", Kamloops is among the best mid sized cities I've lived in.
  5. Same situation here, sitting with a 76.1. I am still hopeful it will end up being a later offer compared to other years. I think a lot of people will wait until the deadline of end Feb to make a decision as they are waiting out to hear from other universities, etc.
  6. I am (almost) positive this is correct - as long as you aren't putting down deposits on more then one university simultaneously, you should be fine (but likely out whatever the cost was for the deposit on the first university, etc). Short of an approved deferral which is a very different situation, I don't think you can request an extension of your offer timeline.
  7. Based on your information, I'm believe that is the first cutoff for early applicants and those who had to wait until they received results from Jan's LSAT (they have all this information now, so can definitively state what the cut off was for first round offers). I think everyone else will go on a waitlist as they wait to see who declines to attend and then start making additional offers, etc. I wouldn't stress too much at this point - many people apply (and get accepted) to multiple schools, but only attend one. That "cut-off" score is highly unlikely to be the lowest score for those admitted after this initial period.
  8. You can confirm on the LSAC webpage under your profile: Law reports. This will tell you which schools have pulled a report on you.
  9. I might get some flack for it, but ref your point 4: Assume you weren't successful. Not that you won't be, but I assume by this point you've done everything you can for this particular admissions cycle. As it is now out of your hands, assume it won't happen and start on the next project/thing that motivates you/make a different plan for your future. What things have you been putting aside to prepare for law school? What do you love to do, that took second place over the last 3-9 months? Go do that thing.
  10. Off the top of my head, TRU is still accepting applications til 10 Feb, along with UNB til 1 Mar. I think Dalhousie might also be open til the end of the month. Having lived in Kamloops and made regular trips back to Edmonton, 8 hours away isn't quite as bad as it seems except during the winter due to road closures. TRU, as far as I can tell, tends to be a bit more holistic in its evaluation of candidates, which may also play in your favour due to significant work experience.
  11. I think the best answer anyone can give is to take a look at the previously accepted threads and pick out someone with a similar stat line (which it seems you've already done). I think you are tracking all the variables you can - if you didn't find any examples of someone with a 73 being accepted before august, I doubt this will be the year that changes. I'm sitting around a 76, also in Manitoba - normally that "could" be a first round acceptance mid Feb, but COVID and the number of applicants make everything more uncertain.
  12. 1 - When you were at the point in the application of adding your (informal) transcripts, I believe there was a prompt in the paragraph above that if you wished to submit a personal statement, you could do so and add it there. Something along the lines of "if you wish to add a personal statement with regards to your personal characteristics reflecting the highest standards of law" or something to that effect..... 2 - More LSATs being taken and potential bumps in index scores are out of our hands - we'll just have to wait and see how it works out! 3 - Question about Winter courses already answered above by @samii
  13. @GrumpyMountie, despite your earlier comment that many wouldn't find similarities with your experience, I think you might find more than a few of us "mature students" could probably learn more from your situation that you might have thought! I'm also having to weigh the pros / cons of law school as I near my 40's, also currently in a (reasonably) well paid public service job, etc. As someone over 10 years removed from academics in general, I was curious how difficult you found getting back into the routine of being a student (admittedly, it must be a pretty strange year). Did you find it relatively easy to adjust or did you do anything specific to prepare? Thanks for posting the thread!
  14. You will be reviewed in the Index category even if you did apply under individual consideration - there is an option while applying to submit a (300 word?) personal statement if you wish to be considered for scholarships, etc. You'll see it as you fill out your application. Index scores as low as 72-73 were accepted off the waitlist last year, as an FYI. We have similar stats (76.2ish?) and I was expecting either getting in during the normal intake or at worst, being high on the waitlist. I believe you are fine but might need to be patient.
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