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  1. It would help if we knew the degrees you applied to and why you are considering them. If you're only considering the 2 year degree, which I'm assuming is some type of professional degree, as a back up in case you don't get into law school, i don't think you have to worry about that. With your L2, apply broadly and you'll get in somewhere. Also, I would not suggest starting, for example an MBA, and then leaving it incomplete. However, if you choose to, it will probably be a non-issue as far as law admissions are concerned. If the 1 year degree is a research based degree, if it's significantly less expensive, and if you are not interested in a gap year, then you might consider the skills (reading, writing, research, etc.) that you could develop from pursuing it. Anyways, good luck with whichever path you choose.
  2. As of April 14, the law school is aiming for 30-50% of Fall classes to be in person or hybrid with the remainder online. Also, "No student will be required to be on campus for the Fall 2021 term." As for Winter 2022, they expect to make a decision and announcement by Mid-May, in advance of June registration. Since by Mid-May Ontario will have only just emerged from a provincial lock down, I don't see them having much choice but to guarantee an online option for all of next year. Will they have any classes in person next year? They've promised that "Each student will have the option of participating in at least one on-campus course or learning activity." Unless the mid-May announcement offers more certainty, and I don't think it can, I'll probably go with the online option.
  3. Nothing heard yet. My status hasn't changed since being placed in queue February 25.
  4. You cannot be actively enrolled in two universities at once (at least not as a degree student at both), so definitely discuss this with your registrar first. If you go and register for a Fall course with your undergraduate program at the same time you are supposed to begin law school, you may find yourself unable to proceed with 1L.
  5. Ottawa Law (March 5, Dean's Report): "For the Fall term, 30-50% of our courses will be delivered in person or using hybrid formats and the remainder will be offered online. Each student will have the option of participating in at least one on-campus course or learning activity. No student will be required to be on campus for the Fall 2021 term. Each student will be able to chose to continue with distance learning for the entirety of the Fall 2021 term."
  6. If you're concerned, you can always check on the LSAC website under the heading "Law School Reports" to see whether your LSAT report was requested by a specific school and to confirm that LSAC generated the report and that it was sent. Of course, if your LSAT score shows up on OLSAS, then OLSAS would have made the report accessible to the schools anyways.
  7. I don't have any hard data to back this up, but I've been wondering if the opposite hasn't happened. If a large increase in applicants with significant work experience, motivated by the covid-19 situation to pursue law, hasn't pushed out some of the typical law school applicants who move straight from undergrad to JD. I don't think your competition is going to come from the general category, I think it's going to come from excess numbers of mature students with very solid backgrounds competing for those coveted mature category spots. Having said that, many of the schools value what mature applicants bring to their communities beyond simply stellar undergraduate GPAs. It seems that mature applicants have fared well this cycle, and I expect you will next cycle as well. I'd suggest you apply broadly though and of course make sure your personal statement shines.
  8. Thanks so much, cheers!
  9. Admitted March 24th. (uoZone & OLSAS, no e-mail yet) cGPA: 3.06 (OLSAS) LSAT: 157 (January '21) Masters GPA: 3.93 Applied access with medical documentation. I've been dreaming of posting to an accepted thread for a long time. For years, I thought my undergrad GPA had put law school out of reach. Needless to say, I'm thrilled!! Good luck to everyone still waiting! You got this.
  10. No question this year is unique, as @Re7o puts it. It's the outlier of outliers. My question, what do you think next year's cycle will be like - better, worse, same? Think the number of applicants and the LSAT scores will normalize?
  11. Unfortunately, unlikely, even if you had applied access. Look at re-writing the LSAT in the Fall and applying outside of Ontario to schools that only look at L20 (Alberta, Dalhousie, TRU) or that drop a substantial number of your lowest courses (Manitoba, New Brunswick).
  12. I've heard it happens every evening sometime between midnight and 1am, or thereabouts.
  13. Musashi


    That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  14. First write was in January and also not yet in queue.
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