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  1. Someone contacted OLSAS via SAM and apparently they were told that the GPA information is not yet officially available and that they will be notified by e-mail once it is published. I guess someone hit the wrong button.
  2. It was the same for me. I've heard a lot of others say theirs dropped though, anywhere from 0.1-0.01.
  3. @UofC Admissions Hi Malina, how about Continuing Education courses that are degree level and can be applied for undergraduate credit? Ryerson University in Ontario through their Chang School offers such courses, mostly in the evening so its convenient for people who are working in the day. OLSAS recognizes them, but I'm curious if anyone outside of Ontario would.
  4. Could anyone tell me whether the personal statement has a word limit?
  5. Unfortunately, so long as a course appears with a letter grade on your transcript it will be included with your cGPA calculation. As far as I'm aware, the only school that takes the highest grade when a course has been repeated is Calgary.
  6. I don't think re-writing in January would hurt your application this cycle, but I'm not sure how much you'd be able to raise your score in the 1.5 months left to study. Besides, you have a reasonable shot at getting into Ryerson with your stats. Both your GPA and LSAT are well within the range of those who were accepted last year. Having said that, applications are way up this year, so its likely to be a very competitive cycle. I'd save that LSAT re-write and if you don't get in this cycle, then study really hard for the LSAT over the spring/summer and get your mark up for next September.
  7. I'd say you have a reasonable shot at Ryerson. They take a holistic approach, so your LORs, volunteer work, and athletic activity would be beneficial. Also, your LSAT seems about average for last year's entering class. You might want to check on the maximum number of LSAT writes you are allowed. I can't remember it off the top of my head. But you wouldn't want to max it out before you were fully prepared to write it.
  8. Everyone's B20 is calculated the same way. It is advantageous though if your academic record is especially inconsistent. Ryerson's admissions process is fairly holistic though, so you'll need more than 20 strong courses to get in.
  9. Apparently they received 2,700+ applications. Any thoughts on how this compares to previous cycles?
  10. I don't think you have much of a choice if you plan to apply for this cycle. A couple of schools do accept the Feb LSAT, but I forget which. In any case, with your GPA you wouldn't need an incredible LSAT score to get in at most of those schools. It's definitely doable.
  11. I'm not sure it would be possible to get a medical diagnosis after the fact since the condition is not ongoing. Also, I believe the medical condition would have to rise to the level of being disabling for the admissions committees to consider disregarding two terms. You could certainly explain why your grades fell in those semesters in your PS though. Also, it would help if there were a large contrast with the rest of your transcript. Have you considered schools such as Manitoba and New Brunswick which drop some of your lowest grades?
  12. Transcripts requested outside of the OLSAS system had to be received by November 1st otherwise they are considered late. OLSAS will still send them to the schools once they are received, but they will be time stamped, and it will be up to the schools whether to consider them or not. Also, if you manually entered a post-secondary institution, as opposed to selecting it from the drop down menu, then the transcript wouldn't be updated as received in document tracking until after November 1st when they start(ed) matching them. So OLSAS might have received them even though it wasn't reflected on the system.
  13. The OLSAS application does not close until 11:59pm on November 1st. You still have time. Do everything you can to reach your missing reference and if necessary reach out to a new reference instead. I suspect the majority of ON schools will not acknowledge documents which bypass OLSAS and are mailed directly to them.
  14. I'm curious how everyone is organizing their sketch? Purely chronologically or by category?
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