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  1. Big law civil litigation (hopefully) but I don't know if I'm cut out for it. Let's see!
  2. @mmscholarships any chance we could get some insight into the decision making process?
  3. No, I saw on their social media that they offered 140 interviews out of 735. I would really like to know why I didn’t get it or who got it and why. It’s the first year of the scholarship so who knows what the criteria for selection is. I have a strong GPA and LSAT but I’m not sure that mattered to them. My ECs are sufficient, I would say. I felt that I had to really dig deep for my “community involvement” because my ECs aren’t really strong for that. I don’t really do volunteering or run clubs in my school. I hold a job and focus on my academics, I don’t really do these other things which I suspect may have been of grave importance considering it was one of the longer essays. Plus, some of my experience is political for a particular party which may not have been great.
  4. Mine just came out too. LSAC generated the report yesterday.
  5. I checked my LSAC account (Law School Reports Tab) and it shows that OLSAS requested my scores on the 3rd and that the report was generated on the 5th. It hasn’t appeared on OLSAS yet but LSAC just sent them the scores. I submitted everything on the 13th of October so things might be different for you.
  6. Does the 1L schedule consist of 4 or 5 courses per semester?
  7. Yes, that’s what I did. Make sure the references are in by Nov 1.
  8. Thank you for the answer. I know the following question is extremely subjective but I would still appreciate an answer. Do you think the extra money for U of T is still worth it despite what is going on?
  9. Thanks for the answer. Do you feel that you are missing out at all?
  10. Reviving this thread: What is 1L like right now? Are you overwhelmed with work? Are you motivated to do your academic work? I'm in my 4th year UG and I'm struggling to stay motivated and do my schoolwork. My inability to focus has gotten so much worse. I'm really wondering if its even worth going to law school during this pandemic. I can't even imagine the difficulty of law school in these circumstances. Please tell me how it's going.
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