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  1. Thanks for advice and yes my GPA is great as well... LSAT is the hurdle I need to cross. I'd be happy with either UofT, UBC or Osgoode. Small milestones is a good idea.
  2. For what reason? I asked for advice on THIS post, lol. Just keep it simple.
  3. Congratulations ❤️ anyways, I'm not here to argue with an anon.
  4. No I haven't. Thank you, I've changed my approach to this exam and I'm confident I can improve with my new study schedule and guidance of my mentor. Everything before was a mess.
  5. Right ok... lol the people who are getting 170+ btw aren't just "STUDYING" either...they are reading background books to supplement their understanding of the nature of the test. Why are you referencing 175+? ... I never mentioned that as a goal of mine. :S
  6. Pressure, and I didn't know what I was doing. I don't have much family here, so not much guidance through the process. I studied passively up until December - that's when I studied everyday. I never had a solid strategy when approaching this exam. As well, I didn't even complete the exam lol, smh. YES, I did apply late (last week of October)...AND I was PASSIVELY studying.I made the decision to apply for Law School in August last year (bad move). Either way, I'm glad I went through the process because I know what to expect now, and can apply for scholarships etc for Fall 2022. Overall, the whole process of writing my first LSAT was stressful; I moved back home and my relationship was falling apart. I know I wasn't focused as I should've been. However, life has improved a lot and I'm very blessed I can take another shot at this with the right resources while being in the right mental space.
  7. Thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate this and youre right. This is what my tutor/mentor said as well. I'm currently reading 2 recommended books before I get into hardcore studying again.
  8. Even if I did pay... I'm over it at this point. I was worried if Osgoode, UofT, and UBC will keep it on file or something.
  9. Good point - I think it's because I know I didn't try my best, and it was my first go around the LSAT experience. Not proud, I know it wasn't my best efforts either.
  10. If you want to feel confident about your Personal statement, and you have the money, then I suggest you go for it.
  11. I definitely paid a lot of money to make sure it was stellar.... anyways, yes. I totally underestimated this exam. I'm surprised i didn't fail
  12. Thank you for actually answering my question straight
  13. Hi, I applied to three schools for Fall 2021 (UofT, Osgoode, and UBC) - received an 142 on my lsat.... I work Full-Time and I under estimated the study effort. I'm already preparing to write my LSAT again for July/August this year so I can get at least 167 (I now have a great mentor who got 180 on his LSAT, so I'm confident about hitting over 170 by August this year). Should I pull-out my application, for Fall 2021 cycle... and re-apply this November (and early) for Fall 2022? I plan to use the same references, as they were both stellar. Also, I really like my personal statement and paid lots of money to make it great.
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