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  1. No , mine still says pending. You get an email first and then they update it after a day or so maybe
  2. I apologize if there is already a trend for this, but I cannot seem to find it. If not, I guess I am starting this off. Rejected today via email. OLSAS CGPA 3.83 L2 3.93 LSAT 152 was not expecting to be accepted with low LSAT. Good luck to everyone still waiting
  3. Not surprised Applied Access OLSAS GPA 3.83 L2: 3.93 LSAT 152
  4. Your stats are really good, have you gotten any offers? I just want to see if I get in somewhere because I would like to restart lsat studying
  5. I am still waiting as well but I know I am not getting in, but would like an official decision hopefully soon! LSAT 152, OLSAS gpa 3.83 I haven't moved from under review status since November
  6. Hello, I have provincially accepted Lakehead and I really am considering going there as I don't think any other school will accept and I am not so sure if I should be trying again next year. My question is if I am someone who is going to be returning back to Toronto, will it be it be harder to get a job in the city graduating from a school that focuses on small town\city law? If anyone here who graduated from Lakehead law and can share their experience that would be helpful for me to make a decision. I just don't want to make a rushed decision without knowing what my job prospects are like since I am willing to come back to live in Toronto. Thank you in advance
  7. When I was studying in 2020 summer I was scoring 160-161 consistently but I got 152 on my official lsat
  8. Hello, I am retaking the LSAT towards the end of the summer or beginning of the fall term. I am currently almost done my last semester of undergraduate studies and will be tackling the LSAT again after stopping studying in December 2020. I scored 152 the first time and got into Lakehead law with it but I am not sure if I should go there. I want to try to get into Western or Osgoode, even Ottawa next year. I was studying the LSAT last time while tackling 4 courses in summer school of summer 2020 and I took Princeton review course but I did not like their ways of teaching. I am going to study really hard starting mid April when my term is over until August. I want to try my best to score 160+ in which hopefully I can. Does anyone recommend any online courses to enrol in? Which companies do you recommend I look into? Honestly any suggestions would be helpful, I just want to make sure I put my money into good use to help reach my goal. d I am still waiting to hear from Osgoode, Western, Ottawa, Queens and Windsor. My stats are 152 and GPA of 3.83 , but I don't think I am getting in with my low LSAT score Thank you in advance
  9. Rejected, as a uoft undergrad student I gave up with this school long time ago. Was not expecting to get in I’m redoing lsat later this year CGPA: 3.83 LSAT: 152 But there is a lot of good stats here that I am shocked people didn’t get in, must be a really competitive year with LSAT scores
  10. Rejected as of March 11 OLSAS CGPA: 3.83 L2: 3.93 B20: I have no idea how this is calculated but I think around 3.9-4.0 LSAT: 152
  11. CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy for you! I am just wondering what category did you apply under?
  12. In queue as of March 5th CCGPA: 3.83 B2/L2: 3.93 LSAT: 152
  13. I got accepted on Wednesday afternoon and still nothing on OLSAS
  14. My OLSAS has not changed either. Does anyone know how long that actually takes to change?
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