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  1. its not too late but I cant 5 courses in a semester so dropping this course would make me have to take 5 in one semester its only because I have personal issues with family and so I can take 4 courses during a semester while balancing my family life but yes I understand your answer. I do not have such a strong GPA but I am going to try my best in this course
  2. Hello, I am applying to law schools this coming semester (2020 fall) and I am about to take a course where the professor does not post marks and it's too late to drop the course as it is starting on Tuesday. My goal is to take 2.0 credits (3 courses) this term so I can be able to take just 4 courses per semester on the fall and winter. My question here is because its too risky to estimate your marks and I won't be getting any grades for the course until its posted online when the course is done. Do you think if I credit no credit (pass or fail) will look bad on my application as someone who is graduating this year? I am just asking because I rather CNR then have a B grade on my transcript , which will then lower my CGPA overall as well. Any advice would help Thank you so much in advance !
  3. I am currently doing a research course (ROP) with a professor and I am going to ask him for a recommendation after this summer period ends. Do you think I should take another full year course? I am planning on taking one in the winter or taking a full year research one Thank you so much for your reply it makes me feel confident
  4. Hello, I am currently going into my fourth year at uoft. My cgpa is around 3.86 and I am still currently doing summer school to catch up with credits. Ever since first year I took four courses but second year first semester I took 5. However first year all semester I took 4 courses per semester and 1 credit for summer school. Second year I took 5 courses first semester and 4 courses next semester of second year and half credit for the summer. In third year I took 4 courses both semesters and now I am taking 2.0 credits which is 3 courses because i am taking one full year. My first question here is do you think taking 4 courses per semester will lower my chances going into law school? I have obtained a full year student throughout all my years so far. My second question is since I am going to fourth year do you think just sticking with third year level courses for all of fourth year is okay? I am just concerned if not taking a fourth year level course will undermine my chances. My last question is do schools look at summer courses or do they ignore them? Because I took quiet a few the past few years Thank you so much and I apologize for asking so many questions
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