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  1. I got accepted on Wednesday afternoon and still nothing on OLSAS
  2. My OLSAS has not changed either. Does anyone know how long that actually takes to change?
  3. Is anyone still not in queue? It still says “Thank you for applying..”
  4. Are you guys accepting or waiting for other schools?
  5. Does anyone know when we will get the email by? I didn’t get any email yet. And do we accept on OLSAS?
  6. I am writing to say I just got the call right now and got accepted. GPA: 3.83 LSAT: 152 I am crying of happiness. Lakehead is not one of my top choices, but i am seriously considering it. First acceptance of the year!
  7. I haven't heard from any law schools yet and I am just wondering can you withdraw your applications? I don't know if I should withdraw if I can or just see my luck for this year. My stats are as follows on OLSAS CGPA: 3.83, L2: 3.93 and LSAT is 152. I know my lsat is my downfall but I am planning on redoing it this summer (I am in fourth year right now), and I am pretty sure law schools will not accept me with such a low score, if I can withdraw can I get my money back? The school I really want to go to is Osgoode. I haven't gotten any rejections yet, or got any offer yet. I generally just did not hear from any law schools, and its kinda of discouraging. When I did my lsat I was taking a full load in summer school and tried my best to manage so a 152 is good for what I went through but I am planning on raising it to 160 this summer. Any advice would be appreciated
  8. Me , I have no idea what it means I haven't went in queue for a while.
  9. Hello! I am currently in my last semester at UofT and I am just wondering does it matter the level of courses you take for admissions? This semester I am taking a first year course, a second year and 2 third year courses. I haven’t taken a first year since y actual first year. last semester I took one second year 2 third year One fourth year Do you think this will impact my application? for my other semesters first year 2017-2018 I took all first year, in summer 2018 1.0 second year 2018-2019 all second year 2019-2020 all third year credits, but one course 2020-2021 I said above
  10. That’s great thank you , do you have anyone that you know can help with logical reasoning and reading comprehension?
  11. Hey guys I actually ended up withdrawing from the Jan LSAT because I don't think I have time to study for this one month with so many things happening in my personal life and being constantly exhausted. I took 4 courses in the summer of 2020 and was also taking lsat prep course while doing my courses and it was hard to focus on just the LSAT so I ended up taking it in August and got a 152, so I want to make sure I don't do the same mistake again.
  12. Hello, I applied to law schools by the due date of November 1 for this year application cycle. I applied to all in Ontario, however my LSAT that I did in August was 152, and I am of course planning to redo it, but I am conflicted on if I should do the Jan LSAT (which I paid for) or withdraw from it, which the last date to withdraw from jan is Dec 15. I am a full time student who is taking 4-5 courses per semester and the workload is really heavy with online lectures to watch and so many extra random assignments given to us this year. My GPA with OLSAS right now is 3.81 with 3.92 for L2. I have realistically a month to study again but I am really stressed because I know the mark on the LSAT is my downfall, and I am aiming to score at least 160 and increase my 8 points , but I am not sure if its a good idea to not do it again in January and not get the score I want and then have to do it again a third time and it I don't know if that will look good or bad, or wait and see what happens with the score I have (which I doubt I will get any acceptances) and write it in the summer of 2021 hopefully. Any advice would really be appreciated, I've just been so exhausted and under tension this whole term and I don't mess something important like this up. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you so much for your responses I just read previous threads and some people said they care and it worried me. This makes me feel more comfortable
  14. Hello, I am in my last year of undergrad right now and I am just concerned do graduate schools care for what type of courses you take in your years? For example in my third year first semester I took this: 1 Second year (it was full year course) 3 third year courses second year Second term of third year 2 second year 2 3rd year I took summer school as well I took a full year fourth year course I took second year course and another fourth year course This my fourth year schedule first term 2 third year courses 1 second year 1 fourth year second term fourth year 3 third year courses 1 second year I am not taking any first year courses into my last year, because I feel like thats taking an easy way out but I am taking a few second year courses, but I am taking more third year courses than anything and fourth year courses I am trying to take at least one per term (I am planning on adding one next term as well)
  15. I only did a trial with the tutor for 3 days (5 hours) but I don’t like the way he sets things up. I want to trail someone else before I decide to purchase a package for long term
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