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  1. I only did a trial with the tutor for 3 days (5 hours) but I don’t like the way he sets things up. I want to trail someone else before I decide to purchase a package for long term
  2. Hello, Can anyone here recommend me an LSAT tutor? or give me websites in which you think I could find good ones. I am trying to get a 160+ on the LSAT , I scored 152 on my first official test and would like someone who can help me increase Thanks in advance
  3. I am going considering to ottawa i don't know about western because I never took 5 courses per semester in uni only one semester.
  4. I just don’t have time with a full load to dedicate that much time to it, I feel like I won’t be able to study well if I do it in November
  5. Okay I thought I had to apply to access category because I had accommodations at my university and I won’t get those accommodations if I don’t apply under access category I don’t have a problem applying to general I just wanna make sure my accessibility accommodations continue with me to law school
  6. I am applying to osgoode, ryerson, uoft, lakehead, queens, and winsdor I am also applying outside of ontario to Dalhousie University , UBC, Clergy and Alberta My stats are 3.81 OLSAS 3.93 L2, but I am in my fourth year now LSAT: 152 , going to redo it in January
  7. Hello Everyone! I am just wondering did anyone here apply to access category before? and if you did, did it affect your application or did you find that it was treated the same as the general category? I am registered with accessibility on my campus and I am just wondering if I should be applying to access or general and if I picked access would admissions undermine my application? Thanks
  8. Do you guys think you can let me know about the private tutor as well because I need jt
  9. Hey, I just got my LSAT mark for August as well and I scored 152 and my GPA is 3.83 with OLSAS. Usually the closer you are to 160 the more competitive, I would encourage you to redo the LSAT again to try to break closer to 160. I am redoing it in January to try to be more competitive and try to up my chances and maybe you should consider doing the same. In general, I think your stats are good and you definitely have a competitive cgpa and so if you pull your lsat mark close to 159 you should be good for ottawa, winsdor and maybe queens and ryerson. Good luck
  10. Olsas conversion is 3.83 without my two semesters left but ya I am redoing my LSAT in January because I cant manage it being full time and nov is so soon and have my applications due soon
  11. Hello, I am applying this year to law school but my goal is to really attend 2022 but I wanna try my chances this year. I am currently in my last year of undergraduate studies. My stats are 3.87 CGPA , 3.85 L2 (but this might change with my two semesters left) and my LSAT is 152 (Flex) which is I am planning on redoing around January 16, 2021 and try to bring up to 160. I have my letters of recommendation and have good connections with these profs and one non-academic from helping with an accessibility peer mentor program at my campus. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey I have the 99 bundle that was one of my main sources of studying for 3 almost 4 months in the summer. And ya I might hire a tutor to do that since I already paid for January test. Thank you so much for you help
  13. which one is more likely to help you score 160 on the LSAT 7sage or blueprint? I just did my LSAT flex and got a 152 and would like to improve it to 160
  14. Hey, thank you so much for this. I really am trying my best and might even delay my test until februrary or even take a year off because I really do not want to rush the times I have to write the LSAT.
  15. I went to uoft law open houses for 2 years in a row and I believe they look at multiple events but I believe that they only take your other attempts if its big jumps, but thats still good what you have. Don't forget that your personal statement is worth a third your application. if your goal is 167 and above then take a bit more time to prep and do not rush to do in October, because law schools take LSAT grades until February LSAT date.
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