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  1. I'm curious what your sleuthing mind has gleaned from this post about the OP, other than the obvious of course?
  2. Why would that be upsetting to the lawyer? What an odd thing to be upset about.
  3. Without getting into too much detail, its not that I don't like my firm and they defn like me, its just because of a recent situation that wouldn't make it favourable for me to ask to take a year off. Also I don't like moving backwards, so if I'm moving on then I don't like the idea of returning.
  4. That's a good way of putting it. And yes sorry if it wasn't clear but I don't want to return to my current firm if the in house position only ends up being one year. Thanks for your perspective!
  5. While there is a possibility of sending work to my old firm, I doubt that the door would be open to return. Nor would I necessarily wish to return.
  6. I am currently a mid level litigation associate at a mid size Toronto firm. I have been offered a position in house for an insurance company, however it is to cover a maternity leave with no guarantee of more than 1 year. I have to decide what to do. I thought I'd ask for some perspectives. I like everything about the in house position other than obviously the fact that it is at this point only a maternity leave position. The uncertainty is the only negative. I have always wanted to transition to in house. With my current role, I enjoy the work and my colleagues but recently some office politics have been off putting. Also I am not the greatest "networker" and I am tired of having this pushed down my throat. However I could stay here long term as the stability is there. I've got a child and a hefty mortgage and so playing with uncertainty is weighing heavy on me. Any perspectives?
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