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  1. oh ok, jusqu'à présent, je n'ai été admis que dans le troisième choix et non dans le deuxième encore. je voulais juste m'assurer que c'était "normal" lol merci
  2. est-il normal d'être admis dans mon deuxième et troisième choix avant mon premier qui est le bac en droit?
  3. Has anyone here not written the TFI yet?
  4. Hi! If anyone has taken the TEF express do you have any advice or can you speak to how difficult it was? I am so nervous to take it but don't really have a choice as most test centres in my area are closed for the TFI! I've heard it is much more difficult to pass despite being online
  5. that's weird? I spoke to an admission's officer prior to applying and she encouraged me to apply with my current grades, she said that if they weren't high enough she would probably defer the application to wait for my official transcript. I think you should email the admission's office they are usually very responsive
  6. hi! just submitted an application for uottawa fall 2021 in the civil program, i am graduating this year from concordia with a ba in poli sci and gpa of 3.42/4.3 (i expect it to go up after my final grades are in). I spoke to an admissions officer who said the minimum gpa needed was a 3.4 as it converts to a 78% average. Anyone know if i have a chance?
  7. Thank you! My main concern is that if I register for the certificate in winter 2021 but also send in an application for law for fall 2021 will that affect my admission? I guess I’m concerned that they’ll consider me as a certificate student more than having my completed BA if that makes sense
  8. Hi all, I am in the process of completing my BA in poli sci at Concordia and will be done in December. Since law schools don’t admit in the winter semester and not sure if my CGPA will be competitive enough to apply right away, I thought of doing the certificate first and then transferring. My question is if I apply for the certificate for winter 2021 but also apply to law school just to take my chances, will it affect my law application (if I’m accepted to the certificate by then)?
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