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  1. In queue as of January 20th. cGPA: 3.55 LSAT: 176 Filled out Part B. Fingers crossed!
  2. Did you send in your transcript with Fall 2020 grades already? Congrats!
  3. Yes, sorry I should have specified. My GPA is per OLSAS. I'm assuming my UofT chance is very low - do you think I have any shot at Osgoode?
  4. Hi everyone. Just wanted to know my chances for uOttawa, Queen's, Osgoode and UofT. My cGPA and B3 are the same since I'm in 4th year right now. By the end of this semester, my cGPA should be around a 3.51. I would guess that my best shot is Queen's, what do you think? I'm hoping that my LSAT makes up for my GPA a bit.
  5. Retake. How did you study? I'm the opposite to you: lower GPA, but high LSAT. I can definitely give you some advice on studying to pull your score up. I helped my best friend pull up from a 148 to 163 just by changing up her study technique and material.
  6. So I've written my personal statement, but I feel like I touched on overcoming obstacles and my vision of future goals in my statement. Would it be bad to choose one of those topics for my essay and go more into depth? Or should I choose a totally different angle for my essay? Thanks for any advice I get!
  7. So my current GPA is a 3.43 by the OLSAS scale. I'm going into fourth year and by the end of first semester I should have around a 3.51. My LSAT score is a 176. Is it even worth applying to Toronto with my GPA? If I took a year off and applied after fourth year I think my B3 would be around a 3.8 (had a REALLY bad second year) but I really don't want to take a year off.
  8. I would recommend the PowerScore books and self-studying. Although, I have heard amazing things about 7Sage. It's pretty pricey in CAD, so at least start off self-studying before you spend the money on it. It just takes a ton of time and dedication, and do as many preptests as you can. I went from a 156-176 in 3 months self studying.
  9. I got my LSAT score this morning and to say I am thrilled would be an understatement. I'm going into my 4th year of undergrad so I still don't have my L2 exactly - I had bad second year marks so I think my L2 should be a bit higher, and my cGPA should be a bit higher by December too. My cGPA at the moment is 3.48, L2/B2 is around a 3.7 and LSAT is 176. My marks have a really strong upward trend. I go to Queen's and my first year was okay, second year was AWFUL, and third year my GPA was 4.24/4.3. I expect to pull of the same marks (all A+'s and A's) in 4th year as well. I'm interested in applying to: Ottawa Queen's Western Osgoode UofT (I know this isn't likely - not even sure if I want to apply for sure) I'm feeling a lot more confident about getting in with this LSAT score now - but what do you guys think? What are my chances like?
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