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  1. Create a new account and ask two of my academic referees to resubmit their letters?
  2. Hi everyone, I am just about to submit my OLSAS application to Osgoode, Queen's, uOttawa, Western, and Windsor and have a question about referees. OLSAS has received reference letters from 3 profs who I'm quite close with. I am wondering if it will adversely affect my application to have all 3 reference letters done by professors. Not sure if it matters, but I have a 3.63 OLSAS GPA and a 163 LSAT.
  3. I'm just wondering if I should rewrite in August. I have a 3.64 OLSAS GPA, so I feel like I should try bump my score up to a 165-166 to ideally get into Osgoode, but am worried about potentially doing worse than a 163. Would Ontario schools see a potential drop in my score as a factor in admissions?
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