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  1. I'm going to echo what Archives and Museums said. I just had to make the exact same choice and opted for Windsor because I want to practice in Ontario long term. Windsor also has more clinics directly relevant to my interests like the environmental law clinic and the law, tech, and entrepreneurship clinic. Pick the school that appeals to your interests, but more importantly pick the school in the province where you want to practice.
  2. I think we all enjoy forgetting about COVID for a little bit😂
  3. @lawlawhopeful123 No dice there either unfortunately. Due to COVID there is no one answering phones in the admissions department.
  4. @law552 I got my offer of admission this morning but the deadline to accept the offer is the 1st of next month. Is there anything I can do to make sure the university knows I want to accept if the OLSAS acceptance doesn't come through on time? I've already emailed them but got no response.
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