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  1. This year the class was super full the first day, but the week after there were considerably less people, and less again the next week. I would guess that in the end there were fewer people enrolled than the class size limit allowed (but it's possible they just weren't attending). I gave it a B and was in right away without being on the waiting list.
  2. I wrote in December only and I got in to a couple schools in January, so I wouldn't say it's a disadvantage.
  3. I thought any age over 26 years classifies as "mature student" , perhaps I am mistaken? In any case, with a GPA of 3.87 (and a good LSAT) you don't need any special categories to help you get into law school - that's above average for just about any (every?) school.
  4. Kinship, can you just do everyone a favour and as you introduce yourself to new people throughout the year, let them know who you were on lawstudents?
  5. I think what they're doing when they post both is just giving out as much information as possible. Some schools don't give GPAs, and some don't give number grades, so if you're a student at either type of school you'll still know if you're in the range of competitive entering grades. What I don't think they're doing that seems like you might think is happening, is converting a person's overall percentage into a GPA. I think they're just saying admitted students have an average of 83%, or a GPA of 3.7, depending on how your school gives you your marks.
  6. Oh JT, I've had a crush on you since your NSYNC days, but this just ended things between us
  7. Well, I'll sit there with you, as long as I'm allowed to drink something else.
  8. Do you mean that you're surprised someone would pick Western over U of T? I'm probably going to go with U of T but I went last night to consider all possibilities. I'm easily persuaded by open bars, so last night Western sounded pretty good! The event made me think more highly of Western since one of the major Bay St firms supported it strongly enough to hold that event. But then I figured that's just another one of the things law firms buy to get recognition, like sponsoring competitions and stuff. Mainly I liked that I got to talk to some practising lawyers. I asked some pretty blunt questions and they responded with what seemed like honest answers, which was cool. I don't think I talked to any faculty though.
  9. I am totally the same! After I got into U of T I kept thinking that maybe I imagined it, or read the admission email wrong, because I wasn't sure why they'd accepted me so early. I felt marginally better after I got the package in the mail, but even after attending welcome day I still keep thinking it might have been a mistake and I'm not really going! I think it has to do with spending too much time reading stuff here and at TLS and seeing how neurotic and scared other people are about admissions that I figured it must be next to impossible to get into law school. That, or I was born with a strange law-school-associated paranoia while being excessively laid-back in all other aspects of my life.
  10. Hell I'll go with you.. I was planning the same trip and then something in my personal life ruined my plans with my travel partner.... I say you go... you can't do any more meaningful travel once you enter law school... at least that is what I am assuming is going to happen to us come September. I'm assuming that you're probably not reallllly serious about going, but on the off chance you are, I'd be in. Especially if you could leave in the next couple weeks. And we didn't hate each other. It's always more fun to travel with someone, but unfortunately my friends are all about "settling down" and getting "real jobs" and "paying off debt". Time for new friends I guess!
  11. ...I have the urge to get outta town until school starts. Please weigh in with your opinions. My situation: - been out of school for 4 years - already traveled a lot in the past few years: 3 months in Europe, 3 months in Southeast Asia, 2 months in Central America - haven't been working much for the past 3 years, currently working part-time for minimum wage - hate my current job - have no debt now and some savings that could be used for approximately 1 year tuition + living expenses at U of T So it's not like I haven't seen any of the world and would be missing out on my only opportunity if I didn't travel now. Depending on where I go and what I do, I could spend in the range of $5000 (I wouldn't want to spend any more than that though, so I would still have some left over) that I'd need to get in loans instead. My friends are saying what's a couple thousand extra in debt if I'm already going to be in the hole for $50 000 plus, live it up now. If I go, I spend money, if I stay home I at least make a few thousand dollars (no living expenses with parents). I could also look for a better job here for the summer. My ideas for the next 6 months include: - backpacking around South America -> not too expensive, but kind of similar to stuff I've already done - working somewhere fun in Europe (got an EU passport so this is easy-peasy) -> expensive place and been there already, but could at least break even - taking some classes in language and culture at a university probably in Europe -> could be kind of expensive but would be pretty fulfilling I think So? What would you do?
  12. Accepted today. 3.67, 166. Happy to finally get in, even though I probably won't go to Queen's. Would like to go to Welcome Day though, but it's pretty far from where I live so we'll see.
  13. The thing I noticed was that based on the questions they asked, a lot of people are waaaaaay less prepared than I am. And I'm not a hardcore pre-law geek by any means. Basically if you look around here a little, and maybe read a bit of the U of T website and the info they sent in your acceptance package, you'll be way ahead of most. The quiche was good, too bad that's not representative of the way we'll be treated while students there!
  14. Yeah, I figured it was going to be kind of a bummer. Last time I tried to find a place in Toronto I spent most of the summer looking and wasn't even that happy where I ended up. Guess I'll have to plan to be around here at least a bit in July/August...unless someone wants a roommate and doesn't mind finding a place on their own? Anyone? I have also considered the residence don thing and may send in a couple applications. Too bad the grad residences seem so much worse than the undergrad ones, or I'd just go for that!
  15. I'm almost certainly going to U of T next year and in the meantime I'm trying to get some stuff figured out in my head. I'd like to travel for as long as possible before school starts, but I figure it would be best for me to be here to do the apartment hunt. Does anyone know when's the optimal time to be looking for somewhere to live? As I remember from a few years ago, some places are advertised before the summer even begins, but I assume there will still be places available towards the end of the summer. If I don't come back here until partway through August, will I be out of luck?
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