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  1. I plan to apply next cycle and am very much on the fence about applying in the access category. I have two neurodevelopmental disabilities, one of which has affected me greatly and went undiagnosed until after I graduated from university. (Sorry if that's vague, just trying to protect my privacy.) I think this could potentially qualify me for the access category; however, I am very privileged in every other way, so I just feel a little weird about it. What do you think?
  2. Yes, unfortunately I had a really difficult last two years of school — some personal/medical things, plus I started working professionally in theatre outside of school. As a result, I saw a huge grade drop in third year, which I regret a lot. (Some of what happened in those last two years may actually be significant enough for to mention in a personal statement.) That being said, my very last semester was one of my best in the whole four years.
  3. To clarify for both of you, yes this is the OLSAS conversion. There was specifically an option to check off American universities and specify the GPA scale. My cGPA is on the 4.0 scale. Hope that helps!
  4. Thanks so much! I'm definitely going to be focusing a ton on the personal statement and LSAT. Fingers crossed!
  5. cGPA: 3.71 B3: 3.78 L2: 3.57 I've been PTing around a 160-164 on the LSAT with lots of time to study and practice more before I take the test. I majored in theatre at an American university. In school I had some strong ECs (mostly emphasizing leadership, academics, and the arts), won an academic award and was nominated for a couple leadership awards, and founded a student org and co-ran it for two years. Right now my top choice is Ottawa, but I'm also interested in Queen's, Osgoode, Calgary, and U of A. Do I have a shot? I'm a little nervous about the law school application process, to say the least.
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