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  1. I don’t think it’s worth panicking. Remember, the LSAT is only one portion of the application. There’s a lot of people who score high on the LSAT, but don’t have competitive GPAs or are not competitive in other areas (I.e. ECs, PS, etc.). Look at the wait list/rejected threads of past cycles and you’ll see this trend.
  2. Same, just checked! Thanks for letting me know😊
  3. Anyone else still not receive an acknowledgment email? I find it odd that they’re sending the emails in batches. Getting worried lol
  4. I don’t think you need to provide documentation unless you are citing that it affected your grades/LSAT. A parental note is also very subjective, so I would stay away from that if I were you
  5. I am currently filling out some parts of my application. I was wondering if anyone knew what the “qualifications” portion in the Sketch/verifier section meant? Do I put details of my achievement/EC?
  6. Hey Ryn, I know on Osgoode’s website they say they only consider the highest lsat score. From your experience, is this true?
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