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  1. Thanks everyone! A current law student suggested I look for places I can volunteer / work to gain “legal experience” as that would validate my interest in law/law school to the admission committee!
  2. Do law schools care that you have no experience in the legal field? I’m getting a lot of mixed reviews. Most of my work experience has nothing to do with the legal field/ legal world... does it really matter?
  3. I read a post about LSAT help and I’m in a Similar position, trouble breaking out of the 140s despite using a lot of different materials. I think personally for me it’s a combination of not having done enough timed tests as well as not having a grasp of the fundamentals. Untimed tests that I have done I manage to get a 157 highest but my official score right now is a 149. I do believe I’m not grasping the fundamentals but what exactly does that mean? For instance, for LR does that mean that someone like me is reading the stimulus but not quickly identifying the conclusion, the premise and the gap between the two? For LG would it mean I am unable to make the ALL of the necessary inferences? And for RC, does it mean you’re not reading the passage for structure? ( when I do a timed PT, The highest I get on LR is a 16, RC 13 & LG 16) Sorry, I just really want help understanding how to go about I guess addressing my problems with the LSAT to improve. ( any insight is appreciated )
  4. I was planning on going for tutoring with HarvardReady, but someone advised to instead go for the course since I’ll get more hours for my money. Unfortunately, I already paid my fees for the course and can’t switch now. I have been self studying for a little over 6 months ( I took the January LSAT ). I have heard a lot about Yoni from HarvardReady so I’m hoping this will do it for me. Sorry for the long reply!
  5. That is amazing! And it really gives me hope for my application! Thank you so much!
  6. My B2 & L2 are both 3.85. My B3 according to the OLSAS conversion is a 3.73. My top choices are ; Queens, uOttawa, Western, UNB & I’m looking into university of Alberta! But I will be applying broadly ( everywhere in Ontario except Osgoode & UFT for obvious reasons )
  7. Hi guys i was wondering if someone can give me some advice! So my cgpa is a 3.38, my L2 is approx 3.85, and my current LSAT score is a 149. So I know I need to work on my LSAT score, I already signed up for the HarvardReady course with Yoni and I will be taking the October LSAT! I'm aware I need to score at least a 160+ to be considered competitive. However, should I try to improve my CGPA as well? Or should I simply focus on my LSAT? My transcript shows a steady improvement, and my L2 & B2 reflect that (both 3.85). In terms of my PS, I do believe it is quite strong, and my LOR are from professors who can speak to my academic abilities. I have a decent amount of extra curricular activities from my undergrad, and decent work experience not in the legal field but work experience nonetheless. Given all that, can someone give me solid advice please. Should I be looking for more extra curricular activities or can I just stick to my current full time job ? (I work in a daycare), and should I be talking about my current job in my PS at all? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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