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  1. For context, the source of this chart is a 6 year old blog post from badasslawyer.wordpress.com. "Schools highlighted in purple put a heavier weight on applicants cumulative cgpa than schools highlighted in white which look more closely at last two years sessional gpa." Weirdly, the blogpost acknowledges that Osgoode and UofT admit most of their applicants with ~3.8 cGPA, but still wrote 3.9 on the chart for no apparent reason. It also sourced it's data from this forum, so I think it's safe to say that you'd be better off reading last year's accepted threads than this old chart. https://badasslawyer.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/last-twos-best-threes-cgpas-oh-my/
  2. I also took the day before the exam off. However, two hours before I wrote my exam back in July 2020, I re-did one set of PT questions for each sections to warm myself up. Since I knew the questions already, they gave me a confidence boost and got me into the mood for the actual exam. (I didn't check my answer and just assumed that I aced them) That might be something you'd want to try Good luck!
  3. Hey, this is a bilingual program!
  4. Just to hammer the point home, Zeus the Stubborn Husky is dead. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH09Cilgq5U/
  5. I'm on the same boat as you except I haven't decided on where to go yet. Lately I've been binge-listening to Canadian legal podcasts (while procrastinating from writing my final papers). It's related to law school enough to satiate my high-strungness but still pretty entertaining and relaxing. Maybe give them a go? Stereo Decisis A topical, entertaining and accessible discussion about the law in Canada and beyond. Join Hilary Young, Oliver Pulleyblank and Robert Danay as they offer their insights into the latest developments in the law. Of Counsel Of Counsel interviews remarkable lawyers about their careers in law. What motivates these lawyers? How do they manage to stay focused under intense pressure? How do they harmonize it all with their personal lives? How do they overcome fear and defeat? What insight and tips do they have for others? A Podcast Called Intrepid Discussing and debating issues in Canadian national security law and policy, sometimes ripped from the headlines, and in other instances, just because they seem interesting. (This one is my favourite by far. Considering its all about terrorism and other terrible things, its surprisingly funny at times.) The Dockett Criminal lawyer Michael Spratt and legal expert Emilie Taman discuss issues at the intersection of law, politics, and policy. What happens in our courts and the halls of power affects you. Feed your brain with answers to your most burning political and legal questions. (Recommended by @Portzy)
  6. They left me a voicemail this morning! 3.87/175 I'm pretty sure I won't be accepting the offer.
  7. Accepted! 3.87/175 In queue since December 3, got the email on December 9
  8. We've been trained by the last nine months of online classes to build community through memes. Imagine the memes we will make with Amicus the SCC mascot once our generation is in charge!
  9. Accepted! cGPA 3.87, L2 3.89, LSAT 175
  10. I'm just glad that there is something to look forward to and get me out of bed every morning...
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