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  1. In case anyone else was wondering, UBC has confirmed that discretionary files are currently with the committee for evaluation and decisions will still be made “towards the end of May”.
  2. Has anyone who applied to Dal under the Special category been accepted yet? I’ve heard rumours that this category involves interviews so just wondering if that’s true and the decisions are being made later or how that works?
  3. Interesting. Same stats and they rejected me April 1. No idea what their system is 😕
  4. I was accepted last year and wasn’t notified until June 24.
  5. Also experiencing the same. Applied in October. LSAT 158. L2 GPA 4.07/4.33. Not sure of cGPA on Dal’s scale. Mature student too. Over a decade of work experience. I did apply special status (I think that’s what it’s called) so I had assumed that was the delay. Alberta applicant.
  6. UBC has told applicants that this is their most competitive year ever. People with GPAs in the 80s and 165+ LSATs are being told they’ll be waitlisted. It seems to be a rough year throughout Western Canada schools at the very least.
  7. This makes no sense. Your stats are awesome! Don’t let it get you down. You absolutely deserve to get in somewhere with those numbers and ECs. Calgary’s admissions make no sense this year.
  8. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. It is post secondary so that’s weird they didn’t include it if it was used towards your degree
  9. Both have rivers, yes. But the North Sask is brown and the Bow is clear mountain water. The roads are horrendous in Edmonton. I replaced more tires in the 4 years I lived there than I have in the 9 years since I left. Oh, and photo radar is way worse in Edmonton and sneaky. Honestly, Edmonton isn’t “that” bad, but when comparing it to Calgary, Calgary is just a nicer place to live overall. And in terms of campuses, Calgary’s is easier to get to and is much nicer. UofA is sandwiched by the river valley and Whyte Ave and can be a pain to get in and out of, especially if you’re driving.
  10. Edmonton is a barren industrial wasteland full of potholes with a winter that lasts from September to June. Calgary is picturesque and warms up periodically due to Chinooks. It is a much more nature focused and aesthetically pleasing city. (I’ve lived in both and was born and raised right in the middle of the two, and this is as objective as I can be)
  11. My original comment says: “It is holistic, but just an FYI”. For a point of interest, Calgary waitlisted me in my third year with a 3.66L2 and 158 LSAT in 2020. None of the particulars of my app or PS changed from a “holistic” standpoint between 2020 and 2021, other than my L2 increased to a 3.94/4.00 and I will actually be finished my undergrad now. And instead of waitlisting me, they rejected me this year. I’m just highlighting this for those with lower stats to be realistic about their chances, not to discourage. This year is ultracompetitive (the rejection letter stated as much) and clearly what worked in previous years is not working for this year’s cycle.
  12. I see your stats from another post. I was declined on Thursday with higher L2 and LSAT. It is holistic, but just an FYI. I wouldn’t get your hopes up this cycle unfortunately.
  13. I was accepted to UofS without a degree and a 158 LSAT & 3.94L2 last year, so this isn’t always the case. But last year might have been an anomaly in terms of people deferring due to Covid.
  14. I would assume the preference is for those with degrees. Especially given the competitiveness of this cycle.
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