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  1. Ok!! Just to confirm, when you mean digital test, this would also mean the test on the tablets if the test is in-person? Thanks!
  2. Hey there! I've seen forums/etc recommending that we practice timed sections with an analog watch & wear it to the test so that we can keep track of time. Given that the test is now on tablets, is this still necessary or will the time remaining be indicated on the tablet? Note: I'm writing in October so not sure if it will be LSAT Flex
  3. Hello!! I guess that's a lil bit of a cozy community THANK YOU for that LinkedIn tip! I found two people on there, hopefully I'll be able to connect and learn more! Thanks again~
  4. Hello!! Does anyone have any experience with the Joint JD/Masters in Environmental Studies at York? It sounds EXACTLY what I'm interested in, I'm just curious to talk to people who are in the program/know more about it. Some things I'm curious about: Is there a group/cohort of students doing the same thing and any sort of community? Would I be at a disadvantage losing my summer terms, in comparison to other JD students who can spend their summers volunteering at legal clinics/etc? How is the faculty and administrative support? How are opportunities for choosing direction in your degree (specific environmental interests, etc) Does the MES have to focus on Environmental Law, or can I explore other environmental topics (education, management, policy, etc) Just to clarify- would this mean I'd spend my 'fifth year' articling & writing the Bar, so it would be 5 years before I could practice law? If you have any thoughts on the above or anything else, please let me know! I'd love to learn more about the program. Thanks mikkid
  5. Hello! @ friends who have already taken digital LSAT (be it LSAT or LSAT FLEX), did you find the 2 free digital tests offered on LSAC's website enough practice for the digital interface? I have access to 60+ paper LSATs from the course I took, but I'm nervous that since I've only been practicing by hand, I'll flop when it comes to digital test & I'm concerned that the two free digital tests aren't enough to practice. Would you recommend shelling out the extra $99 for all of the digital preptests? Or did you find the 2 free tests enough of to prepare you for the digital interface? Also, if anyone knows if it's USD or CAD that would be handy as well Thank you!!
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