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  1. That’s what I heard from OLSAS. Like I said, I won’t be looking into this any further, so I’m afraid that’s all I have.
  2. I don’t know for sure. One would have to contact individual schools directly to find out.
  3. Fair enough. Thanks for the advice and stern words, everyone. Just to be clear, I wasn't intending anything untoward with respect to any admissions committee. However, your answers helped me realize that it would be disrespectful to pursue this course of action further, which I sincerely appreciate. For the sake of anyone who happens upon this thread in the future, my research indicates that schools vary on whether they allow an applicant to remain on a waitlist after having firmly accepted another offer. Of course, as the good people above thoughtfully explained, to go about doing so would demonstrate a lack of gratitude to the school that accepted you and could create a massive headache for both waiting applicants and admissions officers. Best of luck to future waitlistees!
  4. Hey everyone, As you all know, this year's law school acceptances automatically become firm on July 2. I've provisionally accepted an offer from a school that's quite far away. However, I'm still on the waitlists for a couple of schools that are much closer and would be preferable for financial reasons. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but I was wondering if it were possible to remain on the waitlists for these schools while firmly accepting my existing offer of admission. If I were to email these schools to tell them that I'd like to remain on their waitlists, would that automatically decline the offer that I've accepted? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  5. I was in a situation similar to yours last year. cGPA was 3.1, LSAT was a bit higher at 166. I applied to nearly every school in Ontario, and got rejected from all of them. After that, I decided to take a fifth year to boost my GPA and improve my written statements. I earned a 3.7 for the year, and was fortunate enough to be accepted into Windsor (got waitlisted/rejected at all other schools). You are in a trickier position though, seeing as you have no extracurriculars. Are you sure you haven't done any work, volunteering or hobbies at all in the past few years? Even if you make an LSAT/GPA cutoff, schools with more holistic admissions procedures (like Windsor) will want to know a little bit about you outside of your marks. Another important thing is to start writing your personal statements early and get lots of feedback. After my first rejections, I took my old statements and asked a university career advisor about how to improve it, and they gave me some very good pointers. Also being ESL, you may want to get some native-speaker friends to read them over, as there may be subtle grammar mistakes that might distract an admissions officer that reads your essay. That's all the advice I got, but best of luck!
  6. It’s a bit complicated. In 3rd and 4th year my GPA was ~3.0. However, I took a 5th year after my first round of rejections and earned a 3.7. It goes to show- Even if you didn’t get accepted the first time around, don’t be afraid to keep at it. Buckle down, stick your nose to the grindstone and hone your work ethic. It’s never too late to aim higher than you did before.
  7. Yeah, OLSAS confirmed as much when they replied to me earlier today. I’ll probably accept the waitlist, but I don’t really think it’ll make a difference seeing as there’s less than 2 weeks until acceptances become firm.
  8. Interesting. I sent an email to OLSAS to clarify. I'll let you people know when I hear back.
  9. Accepted back in April. LSAT: 166 cGPA: ~3.1 I'd like to think that my written submissions were decent. I haven't lived an exceptional life but I consider writing to be one of my strong suits.
  10. Any idea what it means to "accept" a wait list offer on RAMSS? Will it cancel my existing provisional acceptance for another school? I've provisionally accepted another offer already, and I don't want to cancel it just to be put on a wait list.
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